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  1. Sounds like he was a bad ass but a nice guy
  2. dang he played D1 basketball also
  3. sorry Jambun I wasn't born until a decade later. I have seen stuff on that game but not Rick Casares. Reading up on him now
  4. so smartass is ok? How do I know what the hell he is talking about? Someone used the N word and then he post this. I thought he was talking about that post.
  5. oh I'm too old for twitter. Did someone cry like a little b to Josh?
  6. well both were in that post so why not mention both or is one more important than the other
  7. Spruce Creek game is off
  8. So the homophobic slur was ok as long as you don't make it racist?
  9. Danny Green was one of my thoughts as the HC guess. Didn't he lead Haines City to a state runner up in his first year? However I knew he had way more than 150 wins and some from North Florida.
  10. I was also there at that game standing on Lake Gibson's sideline. I'll never forget Lake Gibson had this pep group that roamed the sideline not cheerleaders but guys with no shirts all painted up. I guess Columbia had talked crap how Lake Gibson was too small and slow. After Lake Gibson came back they started chanting We're too slow, We're too small, Hold my DICK.
  11. Lakeland or Armwood as Nemesis. Armwood cost them state title
  12. well Bilal Powell wasn't the RB but Keith Demeyer was the HC in 2006 lol
  13. Chris Johnson has some really good stats. I wouldn't have guessed he had that many yards.
  14. Dang I thought for sure I had it. Probably before my time and not as Central Florida as I want it to be lol
  15. Bilal Powell Lake Gibson. He beat us in 2006. We were in a district with Lake Gibson and Lakeland. We were up 9 entering the fourth quarter and Bilal Powell went off in the fourth. We lost to Lakeland two weeks later 7-3 on a long run by Chris Rainey in the fourth quarter.
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