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  1. Which FL High Schools Produced Multiple All-American RB's?

    Elvis Peacock Willis Mcghee Najee Davenport Joe Yearby Dalvin Cook James Cook I don't think that Freeman was a hs all-american, but I could be wrong. The other school is southridge Davis Brothers Sedrick Irvin (I know he graduated from miami high, but he played at south ridge with the davis brothers)
  2. The one where all of the posters like Rabid and the De La salle dad used to post.
  3. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    Miami Palmetto Western HS Gulliver Prep should be really good if they get in the transfers that are being rumored.
  4. Columbus 54 v South Dade 28 FINAL 8A Regional finals

    Hoping Columbus can beat DFB and go to states. CPride.
  5. In person: Frank Gore, TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Stephen Tulloch, Ryan Shazier, Mark Pope, Marcus Forston, Olivier Vernon, and plenty of others that I'd put at tier1. Most dominant...Amari Cooper or Gore.
  6. Atlantic vs. DP

    Columbus could have beaten both. They shouldn't have lost to Miami High.
  7. Transfer Season 2018

    Kenny Morales‏ @KennyMoralesTV FollowFollow @KennyMoralesTV More Source: Booker T. Washington head coach Tim “Ice” Harris is expected to join Willie Simmons’ staff at Florida A&M. #FAMU 11:18 AM - 9 Dec 2017 from Florida, USA 4 replies44 retweets62 likes
  8. Transfer Season 2018

    We'll see what goes on at Miami High. They could end up loaded for next season, or be back to being terrible. Depends on which coaches decide to stay.

    Y'all serious, with Dillard being one of the most talented teams in SFL? Maybe walking the school-halls they pass the eyeball test, but they need to prove it someway on the field. I'm actually hoping that they win. But, BTW by 21.

    ...for Dillard
  11. Apopka vs Miami Central 2016

    Fall of 2001 (my senior season), Rolle went to Killian. Roland Smith was the HC of MNW, and Ice Harris was the OC. He was the one giving the remote control speech in year of the bull. IMO, MNW was not the most talented team that year. Killian had more BCS level talent, as well as future pros. Rolle lives near Richmond Heights, and some people thought that the move had more to do with working closer to home. I'm sure it's just a concidence that the Killian team ended up having more talent than the MNW team that he lost to.

    Carol City up on Southridge 18-0 with 2 minutes left.
  13. BOYD ANDERSON (3-0) @ (4-0) iMG ACADEMY

    Maybe. Regarding the whole playoff argument, it doesn't apply. You'd never see that type of gauntlet down here in the playoffs. You might face 2 teams of that caliber. Also MDP is right. The crazy atmosphere regarding fans and noise doesn't apply to broward public schools, other than maybe Deerfield, none of those schools travel well. I was at the columbus vs flanagan state semifinal the past two seasons. The game at Flanagan was standing room only on both side (Columbus probably had more fans). Last year at tropical park, they brought maybe a couple of hundred fans.
  14. BOYD ANDERSON (3-0) @ (4-0) iMG ACADEMY

    Ehhhh... Yes, but teams with large talent advantages almost always win out. Booker T was an average team last year. Got blown out just before the playoffs by an average columbus team. But, being in 4A, no one is going to knock them out the playoffs. They win it EVERY YEAR. Same with Miami Central and STA. Every now and then someone will upset them, but that's what...1 in every 4 years?
  15. Uncle Luke

    I heard that this is the third time during this season that he's quit. If he wants to be HC so bad, he should just buy himself a degree.