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    KeemD321 reacted to Cat_Scratch in Treasure Coast Area Football   
    Maybe the teams your area is losing to are the top teams in the state. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to Cat_Scratch in FINAL COCONUT CREEK 27 CHAMINADE 35!!   
    CC has had some athletes in the past. Maybe they are inspired to make it Tally. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to nolebull813 in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   
    For the record, Josh made me put the AHP/CG game despite my objections. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to nolebull813 in Nolebull813 Top 25 Week 6   
    Schedule is weak. No good wins. Play an 0-5 team tonight. If they dominate Benjamin next week then it would be hard to argue against them. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in Week 5 Pick em results   
    I just went back & look & shout out to @Nulli Secundus for being the ONLY 1 who wasn’t prisoner of the moment & picked Dillard to win last week vs Miramar. 
    to the rest of yall @Perspective @muckboy561 & etc ….. I ain’t even gonna say it lol lmao. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to WindsorCT in Hillsborough Title Contenders?   
    Gone are the glory days of having multiple championship contenders (in the same and separate classes). Any legit state title contenders this season?
    4M- Sumner
    3M- Armwood & TB Tech- and considering the south end of the bracket, appearing in the title game would be the goal. Neither of those two teams are beating STA. 
    2M- Nobody really unless Jesuit comes alive. 
    am I missing anyone?
    The county really handcuffs themselves with the ridiculous out of county games policy. Not a chance for many big marquee games. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to Cat_Scratch2 in Calling all Mathematicians   
    No matter what your schedule is you better win you district first and foremost. The crappy teams will probably be washed out before semi finals or total chaos will rule when it comes to scheduling in the next few years.
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    KeemD321 reacted to Longtime Observer in Calling all Mathematicians   
    Yup. And, actually, if Manatee managed to pull the upset, Venice may well not make the playoffs! As it is, Lakeland and Venice are probably looking at a max of one home playoff game. No matter what they do the rest of the way...
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    KeemD321 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Calling all Mathematicians   
    It makes a lot of sense if you wish to guarantee a playoff spot. It may or may not benefit, when it comes to making a deep playoff run. But of course, if you don't make the playoffs, a deep run is moot. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to DarterBlue2 in Calling all Mathematicians   
    These early rankings are a sick joke. A somewhat intelligent person, with no knowledge off Florida High School Football, if given each team's results, would most likely come up with rankings that made more sense than this. 
    When you lack the SKE (skills, knowledge and experience) the best method is the most simple method. Six teams minimum to a district and the top two make the playoffs. Yes, it would yield inequities, but at least the process would be transparent and each team would know from the beginning of the season what they needed to accomplish to be playing past the first week in November.
    With the current system, it's not even clear how one should schedule in order to have a decent shot at making the playoffs if you are not the winner of your district.
    It seems to me that the FHSAA and the politicians in Tallahassee are on a mission to destroy the high school game in the state of Florida. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to nolebull813 in Calling all Mathematicians   
    How is this accepted? Josh needs to be sounding the trumpets and telling the FHSAA that this trash has got to be thrown away into the dustbins of history and they need to try again.
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    KeemD321 reacted to Ray Icaza in Calling all Mathematicians   
    Don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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    KeemD321 reacted to Dr. D in Calling all Mathematicians   
    For those who are interested, the first FHSAA Power Rankings of the year are available:
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    KeemD321 reacted to Longtime Observer in Buchholz is now the clear favorite in 4S.   
    They may (or may not) be the best team in 4S. BUT, it is clear they will have the FHSAA ratings on their side, such that they will play each of the first four rounds at home. With Venice and Lakeland all but certain to play each of rounds 2-4 on the road, there's a good chance one may be tripped up by someone like Treasure Coast (would be a home game for TC) while the other will end up traveling up to Gainesville to play Buchholz. And I think both have enough shortcomings to be upset on the road in that game. This means Buchholz may well get someone else (like TC) who has traveled much further for the title game in Tallahassee. This is probably very popular at the FHSAA offices in (checks notes) Gainesville. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to nolebull813 in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   
    Lake Mary Pop Warner teams are powerhouses in that league. I believe their 12U team won a National title a few years ago and then their 14U team did too. I believe those kids were the same teams just moved up. So if Lake Mary keeps the local talent from the youth programs, this would be about the time all those kids would be in high school. So they should be formidable for the present time. No reason they can’t do what Seminole and Apopka have done in the area
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    KeemD321 reacted to DarterBlue2 in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   
    The best way to describe Lake Mary that would make sense to someone in south Florida, would be like one of the following schools: Parkland Douglas, Boca Raton, Wellington, or Miami Palmetto 20 years ago. 
    Lake Mary is an upper middle income/affluent public school northeast of Orlando. Demographics would be probably more than 70% white with other ethnic/racial groups evenly making up the rest. With that said, they have a stable football program and generally has more talent than the schools I referenced except for modern day Palmetto. In the last five or so years, they have made the playoffs each year and have gotten to the Regional finals twice. They have also placed several kids in Power 5 programs. In the past, they have benefitted from Seminole High transfers. However, as the Seminole program has been consistently good, recently that pipeline has gone to a trickle. In fact, this year Seminole has a junior on their team (QB/RB/WR/Punter-he does everything) who transferred in from Lake Mary after his freshman year.  
    This year, Lake Mary probably has its best team ever, as the QB Noah Grubbs, though a sophomore, started after game 1 last year and has a lot of experience at the position. He has 12 DI offers the majority of which are power 5 and include: Penn State, Miami, Norte Dame, Duke, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and UCF. He has solid receivers to throw to, not Power 5 types, but at least 3 of them will likely play somewhere in college. They also have an experienced, solid Offensive Line. 
    Their weakness is on defense. Front 7 are average to average + and the secondary is about the same. But they do have a solid kicking/punting game. There is a possibility they could go all the way to the title game if they remain healthy and manage to outscore the better teams they play. This would be a first in the school's 40+ year history.
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    KeemD321 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in Funniest Thing I’ve heard in a while LOL!   
    I knew that but dam I didn’t know they would go to this extent. Lol lmao he’s saying that central is a BRAND now & it’s all about the money & the endorsements & building their program. Basically saying they’re not just a high school they’re corporate. Lol.
    his excuse: bro jus look at the coaches demeanor on the sidelines they wasn’t even mad etc etc because they already knew going into the game what time it was. 
    me: lmao hahahahahahaha okay. 
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    KeemD321 reacted to Jullian in Funniest Thing I’ve heard in a while LOL!   
    What that surprises you???? Just saw on the Chaminade Central final, on this site,  rocket fan is blaming the loss on 1 play!!!! YOU GOT A WHOLE GAME TO WIN IT, AN ENTIRE GAME! These fools are comical bro!!!!  Ive said it before, it’s a delusional sickness. Hahaha…….
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    KeemD321 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in Funniest Thing I’ve heard in a while LOL!   
    So I’m at the hookah lounge with my bro who’s a huge Miami central fan & were on the the topic of high school football. 
    & he’s telling me that in the “PORTAL”is I central head coaches has been discussing since before the season started to THROW the Gorman & chaminade game. LOL!
    & that the coaching staff didn’t/don’t care about being national champs because they were “ROBBED” of it last year. & that throwing the chaminade game & Gorman game was purposely thrown to give more money and exposure to chaminade & gorman to make them look better. LMAO LOL. 
    man I’ve heard a lot of things in life but this here has took the cake. These folks from dade are something else lol. @Jullian @cribboy305 
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    KeemD321 got a reaction from DarterBlue2 in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   

    Lake Mary 







    FL High 
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    KeemD321 reacted to nolebull813 in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   
    You keep talking like that and I’ll add a Wednesday game!!!!
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    KeemD321 reacted to Perspective in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   
    I'm catching up on my posts and had a thought:  it would be interesting to have a "new" contestant join the Pick Ems for the rest of the season.  That contestant would be . . . (drum roll, please), the FHSAA Power Ranking.  Pick each game solely based on which team has the higher power ranking as of that week.  So, if Hawthorne is playing Miami Central and Hawthorne has the higher power ranking, Hawthorne would get the nod to win.  
    Just a thought. 
    Oh, and no Thursday games this week, right?  So all picks due Friday?  By when?  5:00 or kickoff of first game?
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    KeemD321 reacted to nolebull813 in WEEK 6 PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!   
    @Nulli Secundus
    @Joshua Wilson
    @ohs vargas
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    KeemD321 reacted to Nulli Secundus in FINAL CHAMINADE 31 MIAMI CENTRAL 28   
    NO SHADE AT ALL, but the whole (truthful) thread throwing trash.

    The "NO SHADE ALL AT ALL" comment got me crying laughing.
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    KeemD321 reacted to Longtime Observer in Nolebull813 Top 25 Week 6   
    Which is why it is unfortunate that the seeding formula is both a mystery and highly questionable. Calpreps has both Treasure Coast and Buchholz ahead of both Lakeland and Venice. In the calpreps formula, both Venice and Treasure Coast will be harmed significantly by Cocoa's defeat of STA being recorded as a loss for Cocoa. Cocoa gets dinged- as the result amounts to -15 of STA's rating- for a game where they defeated the opponent. This means all of Cocoa's opponents also get hurt. Venice is very far down in calpreps at the moment.
    Granted, we can't be sure how the FHSAA ratings may differ from the calpreps formula they start with before removing margin of victory.
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