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  1. Pahokee Schedule

    BadBird, I think Pahokee should be much improved from a year ago. Remember they had 5 turnovers against Vero and 6 against Atlantic last year. They got beat up MENTALLY after that. The new coaching staff is working on disciplines on and off the field. They are hitting the weight room like never before and the coach believes in them. That's the reason he made the schedule so tough. So If you're willing to make a wager, we can certainly work on the details. 4 W's for Pahokee is crazy!!!
  2. Pahokee's Schedule

    I think even at 5-5 they should be a high playoff seed
  3. Palm Beach County Snubs?

    So are you saying that Miami Pace, Gulliver Prep played tougher teams?. It's easy now that everyone see how to beat the new system. Schedule1a,2a and 3a teams that has a easy schedule except for your team. Pahokee gets no extra points for playing tougher 7a and 8a teams who face stiffer competition. It makes little sense to play them. Just because Lakes lose close to tougher teams gets you less points than playing a 1a team that has beat up on cupcakes...... Stupid system
  4. Palm Beach County Snubs?

    My question is, if Glades Central is ranked 5 in class 4a AP poll how could they not be a playoff team. This system is flawed!!!!!
  5. Pahokee/Cocoa

    Cocoa will not beat Pahokee by 28!!!!!
  6. Life Scare

    BLESSINGS to you and your family bro, and Happy Birthday, njoy your day to the fullest!!!!!
  7. State title scores

    They have like 32 in the whole Dade 2,341 square mile radius, we have 20 in a 15 mile square radius. U do the Math
  8. State title scores

    Add your top 3 schools and come close, that would be fair!!!!
  9. State title scores

    We ain't past GC, the muck now has 20!!!!! We all we got!!!!!
  10. State title scores

  11. State title scores

  12. Class 1A State Championship Game Preview

    23rd letter of the alphabet!!!!!
  13. Class 1A State Championship Game Preview

    Whatever Jaybaby,Pahokee didn't play good against u guys either and STILL WON!!!!!
  14. State title scores

    Don't rain on our parade Broward 7 times STATE CHAMPIONS
  15. Class 1A State Championship Game Preview

    Oh well, played bad!!!!! Penalties galore!!!! But it's a win and we will take it!!!!! 7 time STATE CHAMPS!!!!! Blue Devils 😈