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  1. This is a great first message board post Beek. One of the keys to building a great High School Football program is a consistent coaching staff who is dedicated to the long haul. Maybe things can get going in the right direction for your program.
  2. Yes, the team that they lost to (Which I believe was either Sandalwood or Mandarin) probably had a secondary which was able to shut down the Warriors passing game.
  3. West Orange won that football game on the field in 2015. That is what matters.
  4. I don't mind that at all. 1980, for reasons that I am not allowed to disclose on the message board, was one of my favorite years. The 1980's were a great decade if you ask me.
  5. Yes, and the Mayor of Apopka tossed the coin that night. Not sure if the "good guys" won, but the team that executed better and scored the most points sure did. Just like the West Orange-Apopka playoff game in 2015.
  6. Lol, I can say that the Dr.. Phillips Head Coach was a complete gentlemen. The Panthers knew that they were beaten by the better team that night. I don't know how the Blue Darter sideline was, but I am sure that it was very happy when that game ended.
  7. Rumor has it that the 2012 semifinal playoff game was extremely well-officiated.
  8. I have never seen that scenario happen, but presumably it might happen in a game. The official yelling "Play's Over" waits until he/she knows for sure that the play is over before calling that out. If a runner was not clearly down, no good official would call that out, it would be left up to the wing officials to determine if forward progress was stopped, in which case those officials would blow their whistles.
  9. A good umpire or back judge will yell " Play's Over" as soon as a play ends. That reduces the chance of an inadvertent whistle. A whistle will usually be blown when the play is over in High School Football about 90-95% of the time anyway because High School Coaches think that the whistle ends the play, and player safety is paramount.
  10. Perspective, I will try to answer your questions. 1. The reason why officials seem to hesitate to blow their whistles is because the whistle very rarely ends the play itself. Usually, the result of the play, such as a runner running out-of-bounds or a receiver making a catch on the ground. In those type of situations, a defensive player is not going to make a tackle or hit an offensive player after that action just because a whistle did not blow. Forward progress can be tricky, and it is usually better to wait to blow the whistle, and then determine the result of the play instead
  11. No, but for the record, I have a lot of respect for the Madison County Head Football Coach. The Cowboys are a great program.
  12. Just a Coach, do Perspective and I get to share the Samsonite briefcase of cash? Also, does either of us get the lady? A million to one, YES you are telling me that there is a chance!
  13. I thought officials, or people who defend officials on High School Football message boards, should NEVER get angry and definitely not ever put any type of hand on anyone. What about the growing number of female players, coaches, and officials involved with the sport football? They would not consider football to be a man's sport. Also, remember in 2020, a man, woman, transgender, or alien should NEVER be judged by who they love. Badbird, I thought that you were more evolved that that. lol
  14. Thank you, I always look forward to your posts as well.
  15. Perspective, why don't you just admit that you always look forward to my screen name, and cannot wait for what I have to say about any topic? lol
  16. Yes, I know what screen name RD used on the other message boards. The initials for that screen name were SB. Badbird, I take it that you know what other former Head Coach that I am talking about. lol
  17. Badbird, are Just A Coaches initials RD? Or did he used to coach at a school in Seminole County with the same nickname as an NFL team who has had a lot of success in the last 20 years? lol
  18. Badbird, I think that you might have confused him with another Coach.
  19. Just A Coach, you are the type of Coach that most parents want to help their children. Also, most kids want to be coached and helped to the most of their abilities.
  20. Most officials do put aside the biases, but it is only human for them to think differently of certain Head Coaches, whether positive or negative. Officials may also block schools/teams in which he/she prefers not to deal with a particular Head Coach. Head Coaches also have a responsibility to set a proper example for the young players in their care/concern. Treating officials poorly and with disrespect does not set that proper example in my personal view.
  21. No, but in about 7 years most people will lose any kind of connection with people that they would know personally from that school. Officials could always block a school/team if he/she felt that there would be too much bias for that team/school.
  22. This is correct, Just A Coach.
  23. Perspective, this just about sums what happens oftentimes with officials. Good post.
  24. Just A Coach, thank you for the first statement. However, while most officials might know who or what type of power IMG is, they probably would not know about all of their prospects or even care about any kind of rankings. Most officials just want to give back to the sport, and the players, especially in this very unusual year. Then again, as you would well know, some Head Coaches are easier to deal with and more reasonable than others. Officials are human, and certainly have certain Head Coaches that they would prefer over others, but also most officials would like to officiate the better te
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