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  1. I only said badrouter because I don't even remember what you went by on here
  2. This is the type of person that @The Heartland Archives is saying deserves respect Sure okay
  3. Like if you want I can drop the name of the reporter that PC Gridiron talked to since I knew who it was the minute he ran his mouth thinking he had something on me and the reporter confirmed it the minute I confronted him about it but at this point it would be redundant because I couldn't possibly think any less of some fake ass wannabe coach posing and manipulating any fool dumb enough to think this "ex Lakeland and UF player" actually can get kids to college but has to hide behind a brand name because he can't keep his mouth shut and is seen as a joke by most media in the state even if they pretend to listen to you Even the reporter dude PC Gridiron talked to barley even remembered who he was because he barley thought about him after he got back to Lake City but more power to you for thinking you're this scout with credibility when you're just a fool talking with other clowns on that joke national board that will eventually get its doors shut one day like it's predecessor because like the Dallas Jackson board it was mismanaged into the ground (and still is) and most the admins have bailed on it already just like the predecessor did
  4. Also we all know that @THAT S--T WAS FUNNY is justacoach, that @Vero Indianis Floridatech and @Longtime Observeris badrouter It doesn't take skill to figure out some of these people being parody of past accounts but hell it doesn't make any difference because it's still not relevant anyway I don't give two shits about Lake Wales or Columbia or whatever they do in football considering I didn't even attend half of my local teams games this year BY CHOICE I got better things to do with my time and I rather focus my energy where it's actually WORTH my time
  5. Hey I never had to go asking some reporter for information to stalk and intimidate someone while hiding like a punk ass coward So respect is out the window when someone goes to the lengths that punk wanted to go to Oh and at least I'm not exploiting kids to boost my follower count on Twitter while pretending I can get them to college, it's funny how much he hates GSB while he's doing the very things he criticizes him for just because he is so inflated with ego he thinks that he's actually doing it for the kids
  6. That dude is a joke and this site became a better place when he got banned -sincerely all people with an IQ higher than 10
  7. Though as a whole Bartram Trail has been one of the most consistent and successful teams in North Florida in the past 2 decades
  8. Depends what you view as competitive If you define competitive as competing for a state title then probably 2011 ish But they were getting winning seasons very early into their program being in existence like 05 when they won 8 games The problem they had for years were they just couldn't beat the more established St Augustine which kept them from winning district titles
  9. I would also say by the state leadership personally assigning a voting majority to the FHSAA board of directors it's clear going forward everything the FHSAA does will be in the best interests of the people in Tallahassee not the athletes attending schools or the athletic directors or coaches who put in hours upon hours of their lives to help those kids be successful In general I feel politicians should stay out of high school athletics especially when they don't actually know what the current climate of athletics in this state is and the meeting when they reversed metro suburban showed how out of touch they were
  10. The powers that be don't want anything that restricts an athlete or their ability to chose to attend any school regardless of the reason would be how I would phrase it
  11. Their rise seems to be mimicking a rise of a St John's county team who became competitive very quickly Ironically they play them week 1 this year and that team is Bartram Trail
  12. The governor has said in the past that they would pull the FHSAA funding if they ever tried to separate privates and publics or if they tried to interfere with state law (such as the school choice) Now that the FHSAA board of directors included 8 people appointed directly by desantis (which alone is a voting majority on the board) it's clear the governor's office and their political party has unanimous control over high school athletics in the state of Florida
  13. Since we are talking about transfers to Venice it's only fair that transfers FROM Venice is also in this discussion
  14. The problem is when the FHSAA can't really police recruiting it becomes Irrelevant There are schools who have been told are recruiting and are even on the FHSAA radar because they know it but until a parent or player turns on the school they are getting away with it That brings me to this, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around does it make a sound? So if someone's recruiting and nobody can actually prove it to the FHSAA what's going to happen to them at all? NIL will just open up another can of worms and make it even more impossible to try and restrict it and that will be the problem we as a state are stuck with because politicians who know nothing about athletics are going to do whatever they want without giving a crap what chaos they create
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