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  1. HornetFan most officials wouldn't even know what kind of power IMG is. Most officials don't follow High School Football like posters to this message board do.
  2. Proseteye, that is only for the postseason. Most officials have day jobs, and might not get off of work until around 5:00 pm, so it would be hard for them to travel, especially on roads such as I-4 on a Friday. The only possible reason that an official might commit "home cooking" as it is called, is because some Head Coaches and ADs have been known to threaten officials that their contract with their Association will not be renewed, or a specific official will be "scratched" from officiating any more of that teams games if the coach does not get officiating more to their liking. It is very rar
  3. Yes, commentators have eyes, but most commentators don't understand rules that might be specific to NFHS. Also, most commentators look at slow-motion replays several times while dissecting a call/foul, a luxury that officials do not have. I don't know how you make a statement that "home cooking is prevalent enough that it doesn't go away year in and year out", but then again, I have been to Bryant Stadium a few times, and have seen the behavior sometimes exhibited there. The FHSAA will never get ALL officials to be 100% unbiased I would agree, but the first per-game raise that high school foo
  4. Thank you HornetFan, but if you start believing commentators when it comes to officiating, you will be disappointed. Also, you will find that "home cooking" officiating is not as prevalent as some would believe. Most officials could care less about which team wins any particular game. Unfortunately, I missed the game.
  5. HornetFan, could you provide some more examples of the issues that you had with the officiating? Thank you.
  6. Do you mean UCF-area University or Orange City University? I believe that Orange City University is hosting Winter Springs on September 18th.
  7. Thank you for posting those articles HornetFan. Private schools are doing what they can for their players and parents. I applaud them for that.
  8. Another great post HornetFan. I recently saw a Spectrum Sports exclusive on a Linebacker from West Orange High School, who has been playing since he was in grade school through several injuries, just to get a chance at a college football scholarship. This player's father got a college football scholarship, and the father credited that scholarship with creating a good life for his family. Now he wants the same for his son, and I believe that those kind of Seniors and stories that are important right now. The class of 2021 did nothing to create and spread this virus, every effort should be made
  9. That is very interesting information. Thank you again nolebull813.
  10. Dallas was also on the practice squad of the 2008 Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I remember running into him in the Supermarket once, and he had both his NC and SB rings on. I suggested that he might consider locking those rings up in a safe somewhere. lol
  11. That is Dallas Baker, who played in high school at New Smyrna Beach. He played his college football at the University of Florida for both Ron Zook and Urban Meyer, and played on the 2006 NC team that beat Ohio State. Dallas is coaching college football now I believe, but I am not sure at what program.
  12. Thank you nolebull813. Like I said, I always enjoyed visiting stadiums in Seminole County whether it was Lyman, Lake Brantley, Lake Howell, or Sanford. I don't believe that I have ever visited Lake Mary or Winter Springs stadiums, but I am sure that they are very nice as well.
  13. Oh goodness, I cannot believe that I didn't recognize Randy Hallock! Coach Hallock was one of the nicest men for a High School Football Head Coach that I ever had the privilege of meeting.
  14. I am not sure who this coach is, but I do know that is Daytona Stadium that he is standing in.
  15. Oh all right. The man didn't look like Tra Thomas, but I figured it was worth a guess.
  16. I have heard that Phil Ziglar is a better person than he is a football coach. Since he is a very good high school football coach, one can only imagine how that speaks to the man's character. Timber Creek is always extremely well coached and disciplined, Coach Buckridge always gets the absolute most out of his talent on a yearly basis.
  17. This is just a guess, but is that Tra Thomas from Deland? If this is correct, I don't remember the Bulldogs having a losing record when he played there in the early 90's. Tra Thomas played for Florida State, and then was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles (My 32nd favorite team in the NFL) in I believe 1995.
  18. The Hagerty coach is Phil Ziglar, who had a legendary career at Boone, and who lead the Braves to at least one state title game in his tenure at the school. The other coach is the Head Coach at Timber Creek, but I am not sure of his name, I believe that his first name is Jim. I don't what school that they coached at together, but these are two of the better coaches in the Central Florida area, and maybe the entire state.
  19. I have heard rumors and seen reports that the 2014 rematch game was extremely well-officiated, but that cannot be confirmed at this time.
  20. Yes you are. Thank goodness for school choice.
  21. Yes, this is what I am talking about. There is no reason for a public-servant, taxpayer-funded union to be mandating or dictating anything other than salary and benefits for it's members. You are a treasure to this message board HornetFan.
  22. I still have the ugly grey shirt from the game lol. Some games you remember better than others I suppose. I always made it a point to remember any football games from Seminole County because the fields and locker rooms always were so much nicer than in Volusia County.
  23. That was before my time. I will take your word for it.
  24. From what I can remember about the game, it was well officiated. I do remember two pass-interference calls on NSB on the last drive as Central Daulphin East was moving the ball to make the score a little closer. I also remember a Cuda DB making a great PBU in the end zone on the last play of the game even though a touchdown would have only made the final score 17-12.
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