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  1. He just means that Pahokee isn’t going to beat Madison County. I think it’ll be close for a little while but Madison pulls away for a victory.
  2. Apopka Columbus Armwood Venice (HUGE UPSET!!) Escambia Miami Central Jones Northwestern Cocoa BTW Lakeland Christian Chamonade Madonna University Christian Champagnat Catholic Blountstown Madison County
  3. Thank you, I’ll be there for sure! Venice is about to pull off a HISTORIC victory!
  4. I agree. I guess if I were a betting man I would go with Aquinas, and yeah if they beat Venice Armwood will be very formidable.
  5. My issue is that you said Manatee would crush us, and it was the other way around. STA will not running clock us. Don’t compare them to IMG, they aren’t the same and IMG would win a majority if they played.
  6. Aren’t you the same guy that said Venice would get killed by Manatee?
  7. So this is the fourth straight year Venice will play Aquinas, And will play them in Fort Lauderdale. Any predictions for this game? STA is undefeated, but Venice has been very good in the playoffs so far.
  8. So Venice is gonna lose tomorrow? That’s crazy talk. That regular season loss was a fluke. 45-17 Venice tomorrow
  9. Yeah I think it’ll Be close but Venice gets revenge. St. Thomas is a story for a different day
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