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  1. Kids WANT to go to IMG. They don’t kick down doors asking for recruits.
  2. Certainly interesting to watch IMG play and I have nothing against them. I have been on that campus a few times and their facilities are beyond compare. They really accommodate their fans at home games with Restaurant-like food, beverages, a Sonic, and even a bookstore. If you’ve never been to one of their home games, do yourself a favor.
  3. IMG might not be a TRUE Florida team but you still have to root for them when they play outta state opponents...
  4. Do you know if they are they staying at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale? That’s quite a trip from Buccholz to STA...
  5. 16 Central 15 STA 14 Venice 13 Chaminade 12 Madison 11 Cardinal Gibbons 10 Hawthorne 9 Trinity Christian 8 Merrit Island 7 Pine Forest 6 Berkeley 5 Cocoa 4 Champagnat 3 Treasure Coast 2 Tampa Bay Tech 1 Jesuit Bonus game- Clearwater
  6. I still think the game is going to be somewhat close, but STA is just so disciplined and strong up front that I think they will wear the bobcats out by the 3rd quarter. I hope I'm wrong, because ifs ands and buts never won any wars but that’s the way it looks on paper.
  7. Yeah, it’s all just banter and wishful thinking. STA 45 Buccholz 10
  8. Like I said on scorestream, if Buchholz has the greatest game plan ever created they MAY be able to pull the upset. I’m being a touch hyperbolic of course but it’s going to be very difficult and STA’s fans are some of the most brutal you will ever meet. Aquinas hasn’t lost a home playoff game since 2003 when they played Edison in the 5A state finals. They are oozing with talent from top to bottom and have home-run hitters up and down the field on offense. Now I’m not taking anything away from the Bobcats, because they have some really solid wins over Nease, Bartram Trail, and Dunnelon. But a few mistakes in the first half means the score will be 28-0 before you can even blink. Going to be very very tough. Good luck!
  9. You are correct, because that is the most ridiculous statement regarding HS football I have ever heard. STA isn't "A big deal?" The hands-down best and most storied football program in the country isn't a "big deal?" Give me a break.
  10. Absolutely 0 chance Jesuit loses by anything more than 10. They have the physicality and discipline to beat the Bulls and I fully expect them to win the ballgame. Tigers by 3.
  11. Breaking with the trend, I think Tampa Bay Tech is going to defeat Lake Gibson. They’re playing at home and have a good passing scheme out of that gun formation to help them move the ball against Gibson, especially with that disciplined front four they have. TBT loves the power run and isn’t afraid to take shots off play-action, so if they can manage to force Gibson into playing Cover 1 or at least shading their coverage underneath they will be able to move the ball effectively through the air and keep the chains moving. Defensively Tampa Bay Tech will need to stand in the muck and prevent Gibson from doing what they like to do: running the ball. Offensively these two teams’ schemes are not alike but similar and that may actually assist the Titans in their game preparation as they’ve seen this offense before. Gibson will need to find a way to move the ball through the air because if they can’t, they’re going to be in trouble. All in all this should be a great game, possibly the most competitive one in the Florida State Semis this year as well. Good luck to both teams.
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