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  1. That’s good to hear. I hope he feels better soon. I had a friend lose his mom to COVID. It’s horrible and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. God speed.
  2. Man, I’m really sorry to hear that NB. I hope she feels well soon! Sounds like a very resilient, good-natured person. My Grandmother was the same way, very strong minded and a devoted, caring person. She loved to cook, and damn if I didn’t find out first hand!
  3. You only just now saw it? Wow your computer must have a virus. It could be the coronavirus. You must have not noticed.
  4. Prayers for you and your family. God speed. He will be ok, I’m sure of it.
  5. Anyone that sues someone over High School football game tickets needs to have their head checked.
  6. Well with the vaccine coming out now we should see a steady decline in Covid-19 cases around April or so. President Trump really pushed hard for it to come out and I’m glad it’s here. Normal life should resume soon.
  7. Happy New Year MC! Let’s hope the China Flu doesn’t take football away in 2021
  8. Hope everyone on this board has a happy, safe, and Merry Christmas. As we come to the end of this challenging year, there is one day where we can all come together as families and enjoy company, gifts, good food, and a little bit of wine. God Bless.
  9. Champagnat 28-24 Chaminade 42-28 Gibbons 21-14 Baker 17-14 Miami Central 35-14 AHP 27-10 Seminole 24-14 Saint Thomas 28-10
  10. Seminole Palmetto Edgewater STA Saint Augustine Central Dunelon Heritage
  11. I believe 3 of their touchdowns in that game were defensive. Not taking anything away from your post, but their offense just always seems to be a step or two behind their vaunted defense every year. In 2017 when they played Venice their offense just couldn’t manufacture points consistently enough to be able to win the game. The same thing occurred in 2018 when they couldn’t defeat Lakeland to win the championship. I don’t know how much that will play a factor tonight, but I actually only had Venice losing by 10. We’ll see I suppose.
  12. So as we all know, Venice travels to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow to play STA for the fifth straight year. Venice has wins over Lakeland, Raines, Riverview, Clearwater, all by three touchdowns or more, and they plowed through 2 of their district opponents. They lost to Heritage and Manatee, two teams Aquinas beat by double digits. I think STA will win this game by 10, but Venice may be able to give them a solid game or even win outright if they play perfectly. Thoughts? Would love to hear some of your guys opinions on this.
  13. I bet you’re not old enough to drink.
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