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  1. Looks like Vero Is ready for another undefeated season. All we need now is for @Floridatech to come out of retirement and then we’ll be all set.
  2. No Clearwater, Chaminade, or Venice? It looks like Veros winning streak is safe for now
  3. You clearly don’t care about other people’s lives or else you wouldn’t be saying that. And the reason the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, And others are playing is because they are major corporations. They rake in billions of dollars each year in ticket sales, Jersey sales, food, concessions, parking, and their stores. They have the capacity to test their players constantly and they certainly have the funds to ensure that their players and staff have the top notch medical care and precautions. They are the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent, badbird. You of all people should know this. Little leagues and high schools, have no such amenities. Not even colleges have the funds to take the precautions that the sports industry does. How the hell can you tell me, with an unbiased viewpoint, that playing during a pandemic, where players are colliding and spit and blood is flying, is safe? And furthermore, I am not a little kid, nor am I a senior citizen. I am just an informed and concerned citizen, and my opinion is that playing sports at this current time is unwise.
  4. Are you that inept that you’re going to to tell me that I am an old guy behind a keyboard, just because I care about other people’s lives? Here’s where I destroy your argument. If you have a single shred of remorse or empathy in your body, you will understand that everyone is making sacrifices right now, and that it is downright foolish to play a full contact sport during a global pandemic. I don’t care if Venice wins every damn game on their schedule, wins states and takes home a national championship. If kids in the team and fans are getting sick and DYING because someone is too selfish to make the decision to drop football, then we have a bigger issue here. It’s only one season. And older people, namely the coaches and fans, are more susceptible to serious harm from the virus. We have to social distance. We have to take protective measures here and Be intelligent, as well as make sacrifices, to improve our current situation.
  5. 10,000 cases a day in Florida is ridiculous, and you are downright selfish if you want to tell me that these kids should play football during a pandemic. The disease will only spread further, and we will drown ourselves even more in Covid cases.
  6. I have trouble seeing football being played this year period. If we’re all smart, we should understand that football should not be played at the expense of other people’s lives. How is the pandemic going to subside by September? We’re right around the corner from August and we have close to 400,000 cases in Florida and over Four MILLION in the country. The only acceptable plan is to not play football period, no ones life is worth playing a sport.
  7. I’m interested in how schools whose players come back positive and drop out of the FHSAA will decide to handle the 2021 season as well. It’s a year away, but if the pandemic is still around then, how would they restart their schedule? I believe that this pandemic will in some way change the way football at the high school level is played. I wouldn’t know about the flu 40 years ago because I’m only in my 20s, but I would assume that a long term crisis could have lasting affects on football, if not some permanent changes.
  8. Your entire post is laughable. The reason why Covid is a big deal is because it is a new virus that is far stronger than the flu has ever been, and is killing more people in a shorter amount of time. We have a vaccine against the flu that has been around for decades and is proven to work against the most common strands. Florida as it stands right now is closing in on 4,000 deaths and 215,000 cases, which is a crisis and one that can’t be taken lightly. Also, we don’t shut down for the flu, because asymptomatic people don’t have the same capacity to spread the flu virus as we do with Covid-19. And cancer isn’t spread like viruses are, and generally affect the older population and those who expose themself to radiation.
  9. We’re 7 weeks away from kickoff, and the pandemic is still going strong. It’s not likely that football will be played this year, at least not in Florida. Has the FHSAA created any contingency plans for starting the season safely?
  10. Saint Thomas Manatee Miami Northwestern Southeast Bolles
  11. They have the national team scheduled and the White team in Maxpreps. I’m just surprised they would schedule them, I’m guessing it’s IMG White.
  12. I don’t know why this game is happening, but Lakewood Ranch must have some MASSIVE talent coming back to schedule this game. Thoughts? I would think IMG wins by 50.
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