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  1. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    Tough schedule. I see them going 8-2 this year. Losses will likely be IMG and Central, though I would love to see them upset the Ascenders some time. We’ll see.
  2. What Did 2018 7A Preseason Poll Look Like?

    If Armwood is back in 7A Venice could be in big trouble this year, they used to kick our ass in the playoffs
  3. I think we will see an STA vs Lakeland rematch in the State Championship this year, STA can’t be pleased with the past 2 years so they will really bring it in 2019
  4. Who Is This Great FL HS Playoff Team? Armwood

    The answer is St. Thomas Aquinas and the last team to beat them at their field in the playoffs was Miami Edison in 2003.
  5. Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?

    If you’re so damn depressed over your football games not having hardcore fans anymore, then maybe you don’t care about the game as much as you think. It’s about your own personal preference, worry about yourself not the people around you. I’m sure Columbia will have a packed house when they play IMG, as will Venice.
  6. FL vs GA border war poll

    I don’t have a twitter account, but definitely Colquitt County. I would love to see IMG vs Columbia in the regular season too.
  7. Pahokee

    Pahokee should win that game. They have a better shot beating U school at home week 1 than week 7 or 8 on the road.
  8. 2019 KOC Games

    Venice @ Plant IMG Academy @ Columbia Vero Beach @ Sebastian
  9. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    Uniforms don’t win games. I wouldn’t be surprised to see STA vs Lakeland again in the 7A finals.
  10. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    St. Frances is playing IMG this year. Do you think They’ll win?
  11. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    Nope don’t see them beating Vero this year
  12. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    They’ll get points whether Vero wins or loses to Venice. We were ranked high in the nation and state past 2 years. If we beat IMG and lose to Vero you’re talking HUGE points!
  13. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    I definitely see it happening. I feel like Vero and IMG are gonna be our only losses this year. Maybe That St. Frances team from Maryland too. We’ll see. Vero Beach is definitely going undefeated though.
  14. Vero Beach was the best team at the spring jamboree

    You guys have to beat Venice to tie Lakeland’s win streak and then beat Lake Minneola to break it. It’s gonna be tough, especially playing a mad Venice team, but I think Vero Beach can do it
  15. Could there be a chink in the armor at Miami Central?

    Miami Central will NEVER, EVER, EVER! Be down enough to get blown out by Colquitt County. I’m laughing as I write this. Badbird says I say dumb shit but good god you actually believe what you’re writing? You guys are going to get squished!