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  1. I don’t care about who wins or loses this year lol. I was only kidding. High schools shouldn’t be playing football period.
  2. Madison has been beating up on 1A garbage for so long that their fans have forgotten that the real competition is south of Orlando.
  3. Madison can not compete with Venice in any way, shape, or form.
  4. Venice can compete with just about anyone in the state, maybe not win every game but they have some real speed this year. Madison County would get blasted by Venice.
  5. Lee Venice Bartram Trail Cocoa Aquinas Northwestern Bloomingdale Edgewater Dunnelon Ponte Vedra
  6. Nah Madison is unstoppable. They could win the Nobel Peace prize
  7. Madison County will line up incorrectly and still win the Ric Flair national championship
  8. Madison County will run for president and win
  9. Madison will beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl
  10. Madison will put a running clock on Covid High School and find a cure for cancer
  11. Sounds like Venice is gonna have a field day next week lol. Just hope everyone stays safe.
  12. STA Bolles North Fort Myers AHP Edgewater Niceville Deland Newberry Buccholz Champagnat Catholic
  13. Coaching > Talent any day. That’s why they tell you not to bet against Bill Belichick. Any team can be beaten, even with a disparity among talent. You just have to have a competent coaching staff, and players who are willing to work hard.
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