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  1. 25 Interesting Games Next Season

    Wow Thank you ColumbiaHighFan, never even knew about some of these
  2. 25 Interesting Games Next Season

    8/23 IMG vs Venice I heard that Trinity Christian is also playing IMG, not sure which week though.
  3. Columbia vs IMG round 2

    Trust me if Columbia can put up 30 some points on IMG at their field, they can score 40+ and hold them to 17 at Home
  4. Columbia vs IMG round 2

    You don’t think Columbia can beat them again?
  5. Columbia vs IMG round 2

    Columbia’s gonna kill them! Hope we beat IMG too
  6. Columbia vs IMG round 2

  7. Vero Beach schedule so far

    This is exactly what a team needs to go deep in the playoffs. Good opposition. Pretty good looking schedule so far. Venice and Viera are gonna be tough this year.
  8. 2019 Official Schedules

    They’re playing IMG too
  9. Columbia/Suwannee rivalry halted

    A hiatus in a situation like this is not necessarily a bad thing. Its sort of like how Venice is not playing Braden River anymore, we’ve won I think 10 of the 12 times the two teams have met up and 6 over the past 3 years. I’m not surprise Suwannee didn’t take that game, they’re just tired of getting their asses kicked
  10. Vero Beach vs American Heritage Delray 8/23

    Y’all gotta get Columbia on the schedule
  11. Bergen Catholic playing Saint Thomas Aquinas week 1

    STA’s gonna lose this game
  12. Bergen Catholic playing Saint Thomas Aquinas week 1

    Crazy matchup here.... source: https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2019/02/12/bergen-catholic-football-open-season-st-thomas-aquinas-florida/2846572002/
  13. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    Oh thank you. Sorry I couldn’t help get the Venice vs Columbia game this year, our schedule is complete now.
  14. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    Hey Flotech do you know if Vero Beach is playing Columbia This year?
  15. Cocoa 2019 Schedule

    Hey keem I heard somewhere that Mater Dei is playing IMG in Florida this year, do you have either of those teams complete schedules?