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  1. Columbia vs Lee Rivarly 19

    My prediction is that Columbia wins the regular season game but falls to them again in the playoffs.
  2. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    Oh yeah you guys are gonna squash them there’s no doubt about that. I would bet heavily on Columbia winning that game. I’m just concerned about Venice staying healthy for the regular season after that game.
  3. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    Oooh understood. My bad.
  4. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    Why did you highlight my post and not reply? @ColumbiaHighFan2017class
  5. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    IMG’s impressive schedule: 8/16 @ Columbia 8/23 @ Venice 8/30 Miami Norland 9/6 Miami Northwestern 9/13 @ St Joseph’s Prep 9/20 @ St John’s 9/26 Booker T Washington 10/3 Clarkson High (Canada) 10/10 Life Christian Academy 10/17 @ St. Frances 10/25 Bye 11/3 @ Hoover Any thoughts on this? Source- https://www.imgacademy.com/2019-football-schedule
  6. IMG Spring Game

    They’re playing Columbia, and then they play Venice the following week. They’ll finish both those games 0-2
  7. Rab

    Isn’t this the same guy that said if Colquitt recruited players, they would put a running clock on IMG? He’s so full of shit, he would make for a great politician
  8. Vero Beach 2019 Schedule

    And if we win then what? Just because Vero Beach can’t play for crap in the playoffs doesn’t mean they aren’t good in the regular season.
  9. Who has the best high school sports complex, that you've ever seen?

    Just curious ColumbiaFan did you go to Bradenton last year when Columbia played them? Their stadium is slightly larger than a regular high school, but really accommodating with good food, a Smoothie King, and even a gift shop. Their facilities are obviously top-notch.
  10. Vero Beach 2019 Schedule

    Also just out of curiosity what do you think of Columbia and Venice’s playing IMG this year? Do you think both these teams can beat them?
  11. Vero Beach 2019 Schedule

    They’re gonna win all those games
  12. Vero Beach 2019 Schedule

    Another unbeaten regular season with a round 2 loss. The Vero Beach tradition continues.
  13. Controversial Topics

    You’re right badbird, but it’s still damning to see this happen
  14. Controversial Topics

    I’m struggling to see the logic in how a coach is trying to take you to court for something that is almost entirely out of your control. It’s the First Amendment to the Constitution “Free Speech” and you’re potentially getting into trouble for talking about Aquinas’s wrongdoing on a football board. I understand that this is your site and that it’s your livelihood but the American justice system is so backwards it’s ridiculous. You’re being penalized for practicing YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! So Aquinas doesn’t like being called out for what they are, and now that they got caught with their pants down so to speak you are becoming their scapegoat. I’m stunned, and I don’t even know why.
  15. Mater Dei complete football schedule 2019

    Courtesy of Twitter: 8/15- Los Alamitos 8/23- Corona Centennial 8/29- Villa Park 9/6- @ Centennial (From Arizona) 9/13- St. Frances Academy 9/27- @ St. John’s 10/4- Orange Lutheran 10/10- Servite 10/17- @ Santa Margarita 10/26- @ St. John Bosco (Probably the most exciting game on the schedule) 11/4- J Serra Amy thoughts on this? I think it’s a pretty loaded schedule. Disappointing they’re not playing IMG again though.