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  1. They have the national team scheduled and the White team in Maxpreps. I’m just surprised they would schedule them, I’m guessing it’s IMG White.
  2. I don’t know why this game is happening, but Lakewood Ranch must have some MASSIVE talent coming back to schedule this game. Thoughts? I would think IMG wins by 50.
  3. That’s what I’m saying, but Vero Beach is still going to struggle with Venice and Clearwater this year. I still see you guys having a good year, but that regular season streak will certainly end.
  4. Clearwater is better than most people give credit for, and Centennial and Treasure Coast are NOT going to be happy about past years. And PLEASE y’all won’t beat Venice on the road when we have our head coach and running back.
  5. Just curious, but what games in particular do you see as being losses for Vero Beach? I understand that they always play well In the regular season but exit quickly in the playoffs. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I don’t believe in calling teams “down”. Just because they have less success one year doesn’t mean their season is indicative of past decades of success. They might go undefeated, or lose a few games, but Vero always seems to surprise people. We’ll see I suppose.
  6. If football is played this year, here’s how I think the season will play out.. Starting the season playing Clearwater is going to be tough. They are a mini IMG with a good defense, Vero is going to have trouble but it could go either way at the Citrus Bowl. Fort Lauderdale is a solid but not particularly special team, Vero should have a win here. I know Venice is my team and I will always defend them. Bias aside, Vero Beach won’t beat Venice on the road with all of their key players and Coach Peacock. We are a solid, good team coming back and I don’t see a Vero victory again, sorry. Wasn’t Minneola a canceled game last year? Vero should trample them, easy victory here. Hardee reminds me a lot of Fort Lauderdale, they’ve had a turnaround over the last few years but struggle in the playoffs. Vero Should win this game without much trouble. Centennial can’t be pleased about the past few years of getting dominated by Vero so they will bring it. Don’t know if revenge match will produce different results, this one could go either way but I would favor Centennial. A week 7 bye is a good week two have it, coming off a brutal district matchup. Chaminade Madonna is not representative of South Florida football, their offense isn’t built to score 30+ points a game. Vero victory. Treasure Coast, my goodness. They have to feel robbed after a one point loss last year. The result should be the same, since the game is at The Citrus Bowl, but it’s gonna be a dogfight. FP Central is a joke. Not much to see here... Vero should win by 14+ I don’t feel that Viera has the talent to compete with Vero.
  7. Pie in the sky, football won’t be played this year most likely. They can’t risk fans and players getting infected over a game.
  8. ABC logic doesn’t work period. If that’s true then Venice should have beat Manatee who lost to a 4-6 Braden River team. Anything is speculation now, as football in all likelihood will not be played this year.
  9. So if Vero plays Mater Dei, IMG, St Frances, STA, Bosco, Miami Central, and Lakeland in the regular season, they’ll go undefeated? Only to lose to a joke team? This is too damn funny lol
  10. You guys should try to schedule a team from South Florida, STA Miami Central or even IMG to help get ready for playoffs.
  11. Venice vs American Heritage Plantation Week 2 Just a rumor, but I heard St. Thomas vs IMG week 1...
  12. Truss me 2018 ain’t happening again no sir Venice has the rematch
  13. Bet with your HEAD Darter! Not OVER it!
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