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  1. Just don’t believe Columbia’s offense can score enough points to remain competitive.I’m sure they will blitz. Good luck.
  2. So what your saying is that it is ok to transfer in the public schools but if a child/parent may want to better there education or coaching it’s not ok to transfer to a private school. Check public school rosters and see how many student athletes have transferred from other schools to play! Our country is founded on freedom of choice. Do you really understand how the FHSAA rules really work when it comes to financial aid?
  3. You can go back through the roster and see the majority of the team is either a Bolles product or has been on campus for three or more years. Maybe a few transfers as is standard with any school. Everyone points to players and always forgets how well the team is coached which is the product of a phenomenal coaching staff.
  4. Talk to me about lake city….
  5. What teams are worth keeping an eye out on currently because there were several teams I expected to be stronger but they didn't end up as strong as I expected When I say Duval County I’m referring to the public school’s. I think Lee stands out at this point and we will see with Sandalwood once they get into the heart of their schedule. Private school wise Trinity and Bolles will just continue to grind towards the playoffs and just try and get healthy. St.Johns county with Bartram Trail, Creekside and St. Augustine are all very good teams and their losses are against quality opponents . I think the same can be said in Clay county with Fleming Island and Oakleaf but the verdict is still out on clay high And we shall see once they play better competition.
  6. I think you have a great chance with the quality of your offensive line and rb. There is no doubt the quality of competition is down this yr in Duval county. Sandalwood has a great mlb but the rest of the defense will not play as disciplined as what you saw last weekend
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