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  1. 2 hours ago, Beek said:

    I get that. But having never played a game why should that team be ranked above any team who has played. Even the worst team in the state has played a game and has established something. So how can a team who has never played be given a ranking that is about 150 places above the bottom?

    Coach Beek,

         Welcome to Max Preps

  2. 10 hours ago, Perspective said:

    Sorry, but you're not allowed to agree with another poster on this Board.  It's against the rules.   If you think you agree with something that someone has posted, you have to ignore that post and go back to one of their earlier posts that you don't agree with and then attack that post (or attack the poster himself).   B)

    Nailed it

  3. 3 hours ago, FBGUY1989 said:

    But you know what's so bad is Deerfield Beach could never do anything with all the transfers they were getting. Can you or anyone give me a winning season from the past 6 years 

    Deerfield is 57-16 the past 6 years. By winning season I hope you meant championships. Because they are without a doubt very competitive and have had a winning season the past 6 years.

  4. 2 hours ago, Dr. D said:

    Can I get any support for Ocala Vanguard in 3S?  They seem to meet all the criteria above (not sure about their ability to attract transfers), and their record in the last 6-7 years stacks up with any of the above.  Only a 2-point loss to Jones in the playoffs marred last season's 11-1 record.  Always seem to field a talented, athletic squad.

    Having a consistently winning program in todays HS football is tough to do. I'm sure Daunte Culpepper is proud.

  5. 1 hour ago, Dr. D said:

    Speaking of preseason rankings, MaxPreps has released its initial power ratings, which the FHSAA Power Rankings will be derived from.  While I did not go through all 9 classifications, as an example, here are the 4S Top 15 rankings based on the MaxPreps power ratings:

    1.  Venice
    2.  Buchholz
    3.  Palmetto
    4.  Treasure Coast
    5.  Nease
    6.  Lehigh
    7.  Melbourne
    8.  Lake Gibson
    9.  Riverview
    10.  Bartram Trail
    11.  Osceola
    12.  Spruce Creek
    13.  Lakeland
    14.  University
    15.  Gulf Breeze 

    While there are 11 weeks of games to allow for recalibration, it is also true that where you start can affect where you finish.  Should we be confident that the FHSAA Power Rankings will be better than the previous RPI ranking system at effectively ranking teams for playoff seeding? 

    Words can't explain that monstrosity

  6. Well with his size (even with it being inflated), he needs as many touches as he can get. In other words, he needs film. I guess he chose a different rout than the well traveled QB from A.H. Plantation, Aquinas and Cardinal Newman... LOL. Playing Time > Education. At least the QB jumped from one great private education to another.

  7. 12 hours ago, Perspective said:

    So, what you're really saying is that Miami-Dade County was doing School Choice before School Choice was really a thing.   B)

    100%. About 7 years ago before school choice, college coaches considered Dade County the "wild west" of high school football. They would complain how it was so difficult to figure out which school a player was attending from year to year. They also use to say that sometimes when they watched film with the current coach it was highlights of another team the player played for from the previous season. Kinda crazy to think that this is the norm today for most schools in metro counties and some in suburban counties. I guess since the school choice bill became active, all of Florida can now be considered the "wild west".

  8. 1 hour ago, skyway said:

    I couldn't comment on how good those guys are. But, I can say there's a long history of evidence showing that lighter, quicker, faster DLs are preferable to bigger kids that may project better at the college level. The reason probably being that HS OL's often lack the cohesion, alertness and quickness to fully utilize any size advantage they may have. So, even though a critic may say they lack the +250lb guys, I'm willing to believe it is possible this could be the best unit at the high school level, even if other DLs have more guys with more college success.

    Their height and reach already causes problems for o-lineman. But if you add in a great get off and high effort, you will have a great front four at any level.

  9. 5 hours ago, KeemD321 said:

    Looks like Cocoa QB phenom sophmore to be Josiah Allen may have to wait another season before he takes the reigns at Cocoa. He definitely has the arm talent to start as a sophomore and the strength to make throws all over the field. Seeing that he's the number javelin thrower in the nation in his class and top 10 overall. 

    But just saw on Twitter he will have to battle it out with Senior transfer Blake Boda from Seabreeze.


    The kid is 6'4 and has a bethune offer. Maybe thats the reason for the transfer. In todays world, being a 6'4 qb is pretty hard to go unnoticed with the social media and the 7 on 7 scene. His twitter transfer post is depictive of the the way things are now. He clearly stated that the school staff and coaches helped him become a better student, athlete and person. That seems like everything you would want as a parent for your kid but they still felt the need to transfer. He also stated that his teammates were there everyday for him. Again, seems like everything you would want as a parent. But they still chose to transfer and leave his teammates that have been there for him everyday. 

  10. 7 hours ago, skyway said:

    polkway now reports 4* DB Brayshon Williams has also left Lake Gibson for Lakeland. Again, I don't really enjoy this. It's kind of sad IMO. I have no reason at the moment to believe the new LG coach is anything other than a solid coach. There's a fair chance this is about spoiled kids wanting to drive the car, rather than accept coaching. Maybe I'm wrong. 

    It should be the most loaded team in Polk county history, likely without a peer.  Never before could you (or would you want to) literally take all the best players from the county and play them on the same team. There have been transfers for decades, but absolutely nothing remotely to the scale of this. 

    The 2019 Lakeland squad had a bunch of star studded transfers as well.

  11. 11 hours ago, Floridaatlantic1 said:

    From the genius wizards who brought us a State championship a and B. Now they are going to reseed the regional in football according to power ranking which means a district champ can be a 8 seed and face the number one team in first round. Real nice that a district winner is seeded lower than wildcard. This board is full of idiots and simpletons. This is what happens when the backwoods areas of Florida control the FHSAA. 2 crummy ideas passed in one year. Way to go board. Barney Fifes are running our state association now. 

    Genius wizards...Simpletons...idiots...Barney Fifes=2 crummy ideas.

    Yup, that pretty much sums it up for the FHSAA.

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