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    • We have 3 rooms at the Hilton DarterBlue2 if u need a place to crash.      
    • Dang it I have to work Friday.  Might make it Saturday but it looks like I'm out.  
    • That would be awesome if you could!
    • I will be there for the Thursday through Saturday games. If the Bolles/BTW game was on Thursday or Friday I would watch that as well, but four back and forths to Daytona over four days is a bit much for an old man. 
    • Interestingly that the number of games that were great or good, 851, is almost the same as the number of games that were very bad or puke, 853. The total of the four category extremes, 1,704,  is much greater than the 942 total games for the three middle categories. From my perspective, both the great and good games are well worth seeing, as I feel that on any given night, those games could have ended with the other team winning. Very troubling are the number of games that are puke and very bad. In my opinion, these are only partially caused by the number of classes we currently have (the watering down effect). Equally responsible, in my opinion is the creating of stacked teams which now occurs in much greater frequency in the larger metro areas. While this partially results from the watering down of transfer policies, it is also caused by coaching staffs recognizing that to make deep playoff runs they must "actively recruit" to keep up with other schools that do so. Realizing that they cannot compete, in Miami-Dade, a number of schools with 8A and 7A enrollments have now opted for independent status, as many cannot make the playoffs and others that were in districts with weaker schools realize that they would be one and done even when they do make the playoffs. While none of the Orlando area large schools have yet followed suit, based on performance over the past decade, many have a great case for doing so as they routinely get blown out by 30 points or more. 
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