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    • Not in 6a but they have had Broward vs Palm Beach very recently, twice   Chaminade Madonna vs Oxbridge Academy in 2017 Chaminade Madonna vs Kings Academy 2018      3 is correct but idk if that is the specific answer, honestly I think it's likely the very last one you mentioned with no Dade team playing for a state title 
    • The finals were held in two different stadiums in Miami, but that is not the answer.
    • 1. Of the two times the finals were held in Miami/Dade, this is the only one in which not a single Dade County team played for a title.  2. The large class title, 6A, final featured a Palm Beach County team versus a Broward County team. I don't think that's ever happened before or after.  3. Nease and Palm Beach Gardens won their one and only title to date 
    • Was 2005 the year they held the finals in Miami, but in two different stadiums for some reason because of delays (hurricanes maybe) or was it the year that the Muck dominated the finals with 4 teams making it (Clewiston, Glades Central, Pahokee, and Glades Day)?
    • In 2005, something unique happened at the state final series that has only happened once in FHSAA state series history.  What was it?  There could be more than one answer, but there is one particular I am looking for.  For instance, some teams won their one and only state title in school history, but it is not that.   
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