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    • Sounds like all this money from sports just goes into a "mythical" atheltic fund and we don't truly know how much money gets shared with anyone   I think I've heard people up here say the same thing but I would be interested to truly see where all the money goes, especially at schools that are usually good at fan attendance 
    • It should be up to each local school boards to decide what is best for THEIR schools   Neither of those people know what's best in each individual county and both have been trying to undermine any concern with the virus since the start because they don't want the economy to take a dive, I guarantee you that in every press conference they have they speak more about the economy then they do about the health and safety of the countries future workers (students)     Damage they are doing? Where was this back in the spring??   The numbers weren't even close to as bad then and nobody gave a crap then, even if the numbers now have been inflated they are worse now than back then    I get you want football but seriously? If it was doing so much damage and it's safe for football now then why wasn't it safe for the seniors last year to finish out their year and for the spring athletes to finish their season?
    • I can't speak for other schools but our football program gets none of the concession, none of the parking and none of the ticket sales.  It all goes into an athletic fund that gets spent on all sports for necessary equipment (balls), refs and travel. The only thing football gets from the school is footballs, refs, travel and reconditioning.  They have to raise money for every thing else just like every other sport.
    • The CDC has stated that all schools in the country should fully open for classroom study and I imagine that means sports as well. On line school has proved extremely detrimental to students and also doesn't work as it is not monitored nor disciplined. The President is following the CDC's recommendation as is the Governor. The FHSAA is also for starting the football season on time. Why then are a few local school boards or whoever they are not following these guidelines? Do they even understand the damage that they are doing? Just speak with a few Psychologists and professionals that monitor statistics. The damage already done by this lock down is scary enough. Locking down schools and sports will cause more deaths and disability than any virus ever could have. And that's the experts speaking not me.
    • Several counties have already stated it would be online only for classes and  many more will be a blend of online and on campus by parent choice   Also in this Current stage having postseason/fans in stands Should be the least of concerns, just playing any form of a season Should be the priority, you aren't gonna see a normal season and it's laughable to even try pushing for a state series when as of the moment 4-8a currently has no Championship site      And while it would seem social distancing and masks would help in a school the problem is many counties won't enforce it   That's been the problem this whole pandemic, nobody wanted to make any sacrifices or inconveniences to get rid of the virus but then wonder why other countries are on the back end of the virus and America is still dead center in the hotspot of it   The selfishness of many people out there and their refusal to even make any changes to their lives is why football is in jeopardy right now like the spring sports were but then again many people didn't care about the spring athletes because I didn't forget the comments of "well they will move on and get over it, time to prepare for football" but boy has the attitude changed with football   Let me ask you this, if this was any sport but football would the state be willing to potentially screw over winter and spring sports just to have a season? Because I don't think so. Football is gonna get special treatment just because it makes more money, it ain't about the athletes it's all about the $$$$$    I've also seen people asking for extended eligibility for football athletes if the season don't happen, LMAO funny how they were same people bashing the idea when it came to the spring athletes 
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