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  1. The Noles and the Canes Don't Represent

    I wish we had that qb at Miami...
  2. Atlantic makes a statement

    I agree I don’t think the kid ever played it or coach it lol... I was happy punta verda played a good game against AHP... Unlike Baker county complaining the following g year..
  3. Atlantic makes a statement

  4. Atlantic makes a statement

  5. Atlantic makes a statement

    No.. Ponta Verda wasn’t scared of AHP and brought it all day and that’s why I respect punta verda..
  6. The Noles and the Canes Don't Represent

    Well for my canes no qb.. Still lacking on depth and we need a true O.C.
  7. Does Florida need high school playoffs shakeup?

    Oh ok hmmmmm so what will this incomplish? Mine as well make the elite teams play against the elite teams all year.. Have a separate district for them..
  8. Miami Central vs St John's (DC)

    I agree
  9. (1-1) Dillard @ Gibbons (0-2) Early Thoughts

    I got it from sun sentinel
  10. (1-1) Dillard @ Gibbons (0-2) Early Thoughts

    You sure the score wasn’t 36-6? That was doing Hurricane Irma?
  11. 5a Mia Jackson (Dark Horse)

    No I’m not diminishing nothing.. That was a solid win from y’all boyz. But don’t make it seem Western and Jackson are world beaters...
  12. Miami Central vs St John's (DC)

    St John players are HUGH!!
  13. 5a Mia Jackson (Dark Horse)

    Star qb , Star rb? Ok ...
  14. 5a Mia Jackson (Dark Horse)

    Are you sure that’s the same western team from last year? How many players they return from that playoff team last year?
  15. American Heritage vs St Joseph's

    I go by when the clock strikes triple 0... Don’t matter how close you play them through each quarter.. Lol I’m pretty sure Dillard’s players don’t care about no moral victories..
  16. 5a Mia Jackson (Dark Horse)

    Wouldn’t be saying nothing.. it’s funny you shyt on Deerfield cause they stay shytting the bed (which they deserve) but they actually play top teams while they win some n lose some .. But you come trying to overhype teams (which I love Jackson) cause y’all beat them... Jackson is a 3 tier team like y’all n Weston... But don’t make it seem like they are state contenders...
  17. American Heritage vs St Joseph's

    Yes they were horrible
  18. American Heritage vs St Joseph's

    I doubt they gonna need the refs help to beat y’all... Maybe with a top tier team but not y’all... Hope y’all make it a game... y’all got some players especially those boyz that came in this year..
  19. 5a Mia Jackson (Dark Horse)

    Yea your trying to over hype that win... Jackson is good.. 3 tier in Dade County type of team...
  20. American Heritage vs St Joseph's

    Don’t you guys play Gibbons next week
  21. Northwestern vs Columbus

    Great win for Colombus .... I guess I will slide to that game next week..
  22. Mainland vs Bob Jones AL

    http://live.flofootball.com/#/event/6211-2018-freedom-bowl see if this work
  23. What’s with all this Deerfield hype !?

    They always have a chance with ice in the sideline n their talent but size is always gonna nite them on the ass.. I expect a close game but got MC wining by 10
  24. What’s with all this Deerfield hype !?

    There going off the potential..