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  1. Problem is Florida still have Franks aka taller Malik Rosier.. I like my canes in this game cause we have a OC and a QB COACH!!!! Now I will see if it was that garbage offense of play calling we had last year that made our offense enept .... Plus we don’t have Rosier no more...
  2. Zoe Boy

    Transfer season

    Amarie Daniels RB 2020 transfers back to Miami Central from Miami Jackson
  3. Central vs Carol City game is on Facebook live under NFHS live
  4. Whoa... Ok well y’all finally got the W... Hope y’all make it deep..
  5. It wasn’t a revenge .. y’all beat them boys man.. Congrats!!! Lol! What was the disrespect Y’all was getting from them boys? As of last night it was weird.. They said Booker T qb ain’t play till the 4 qt.... Was that true? I thought the game was tonight cause I would of went...
  6. Oh I know who your talking about .. I seen some film on him.. he’s legit!!
  7. The thing is when FSU was getting the players from down here, they picked who they wanted and would hit 90% of the time... Glad jimbo is gone...
  8. As a canes fan I agree with this! Like we was going hard for Kenny McIntosh but imo he’s ok RB.. I’ll take Nayquan Wright over him every day of the week n twice on Fridays but we ain’t getting him either smh....
  9. Don’t matter if they play at Dwyer , they ain’t beating STA...
  10. What? They are eligible for both but the reason they don’t get the nod is cause the schedule ain’t up to par... Now I do agree with you with the system was supposed to put the best teams In.. Which In the most part it did last year.. I do agree teams under .500 shouldn’t make it. BUT I do agree with teams that goes out and plays a challenging schedule year in and year out and don’t take the easy way out with a .500 record should go in instead of a team that plays trash all year and they could of schedule 1 or 2 teams that’s a good to great team.. All 4 teams ain’t making the playoffs from district 6a and Norland will be left out cause they gonna be at best 4-6 while Da West is gonna be .500 and will advance to the second round as long as they don’t get Carol City or Central in the first rd.. Now what I think they should do is take 2 teams from that district and move them to the other district with Dillard or with Naples ...
  11. So then explain to me why UCF can go undefeated n not make the playoffs?
  12. If you get off at work by 5 you will be able to make that game that starts at 7:30.. How far north are you In palm beach?
  13. Bruh n that’s why that seat got warm for him officially
  14. Man he did lmao!! But pastor Richt is tripping.. We love him as a CEO of the team. You be the HC , run the program right and recruit good.. But him being a OC ? Miss me with that.. I still want him here but with that last stunt he just did against UVA and bringing 12 back in boy we’re looking side eye at him. I’m convinced, he doesn’t like Perry and love Rosier...
  15. Can’t complain.. Just staying home from work with my son battling this pneumonia he has.. But everything great . How bout you?
  16. Yea the homie is good.. He has his reasons for taking a Hiatus...
  17. Canes year to win what? I said before the year started we will win tha ACC coastal play Clemson and lost to them but give them a better game cause we ain’t there yet.. I can admit that.. Idk which canes fans you interact with and we go lose to freaking UVA smh... We waisted a Elite defense this year cause pastor Richt don’t want to give up play calling smh... I’m hurt dawg (ed reed voice)
  18. Hope they str8 n do a speedy recovery.. My job was trying to get me to go up there I was like can’t do it...
  19. No it’s a rivalry game... So when we were under coach al Golden and y’all beat us by 4 or 5 points those years would you say y’all was garbage with Dalvin Cook saving y’all ? Y’all could of been 1-5 right now...
  20. How are we garbage? Not saying we’re championship contenders but how our my canes garbage?
  21. Hey.. You act like the ACC was hard to compete before the addition of my canes and other teams.. Remember ACC was always a Basketball Conference... That’s why y’all had that conference on lock and you damn right I’m gonna have fun with this while y’all struggle with the black Al Golden... I hope y’all give him a ful 5 years but you n I know they gonna Charlie Strong his ass lmao..
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