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  1. Heard a local legend maybe headed back to the area. Anybody else hearing anything about this job?
  2. Blountstown is by far the better coached team ! Let's go Tigers
  3. This truly a bad match up for both teams. Can Newberry handle Pahokee's speed on the edges and the passing game and can Pahokee stop Newberry's power running game. I was leaning Newberry earlier but now having second thoughts. And don't get me wrong just because I'm saying Newberry has a power running game does not mean they don't have speed too !
  4. Since there's about 500 people for the 2A game and if they're lucky about 1000-1200 for the 3A game I don't see a big issue between playing at 10 am or 1 pm
  5. Them getting booted from 1A has nothing to do with them beating 5A teams.
  6. Offensively Trenton is struggling and Po Jo always plays good defense. First one to 14 will probably win.
  7. Suwannee is way down this year wouldn't be shocked at all if Fort White won.
  8. This will be a rowboat, Columbia by as many as they want !!!
  9. If Rickards can't stop Madison's wingT by playing sound defense and turns to blitzing as the answer this game could get out of hand. And no way Rickards score 28 points on Madsion. Of course I could be wrong
  10. Josh when are all of the team previews going to be out ? Season starts tomorrow, they won't be needed much longer as they'll start playing games and we can figure it out on our own. By my count 18 of the 78 who turned in questionnaires have been done.
  11. A jump on the competition? They don't get an extra practice because they go at midnight ! So what kind of jump are they getting?
  12. The Villages at Trenton on the 19th
  13. What makes you think that ?
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