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  1. Jesse, not sure what your infatuation is with any other team that may have success. Guess what, this kid may not be a D1 running back but he’s a good high school football player that is doing great things. And guess what, somehow this kid ran all over Hawthorne in the state championship, the same Hawthorne that shut down Madison. How about you celebrate Madison’s accomplishments and stop trying to shit on everyone else’s accomplishments. It’s a pretty pathetic look for you buddy.
  2. Not only did they lose, but to a school with only like 200 kids while Madison plays with 800. That was like David beating Goliath. Congrats to Hawthorne.
  3. I can’t remember the kids name or the school (it was a Jacksonville school) but I think they lost to Clay like 74-73. I don’t want to look it up that’s cheating. I want to say his last name is Wofford or something like that. I believe he went to Wake Forest. I believe Clay won that shootout and then had like a 10-7 game the following week in the playoffs. Crazy
  4. This was a great question. I would have swore NFC would have been on there. I forgot how good Southridge was back in the day.
  5. A crazy thing personally for me about Madison Co is I’ve been watching high school football since the 80’s. Traveling to big games or playoff games from Orlando/Tampa to the panhandle and most of the title games. Until the last couple of years I had seen Madison play probably 10 times and only saw them win maybe twice. That’s certainly no knock on the cowboys because they we’re losing in the title game or to Bolles, Trinity or some other power.
  6. Bolles, NFC, Ft Meade, St Thomas, Glades Central
  7. Madison has been talked about over and over. They are a traditionally great program that is always in the hunt but most times fall short when they face someone with superior or equal talent. I believe they have 2 state titles when playing in the class they have the allotted kids for. I believe 98, 07 I might be wrong, Then they have won several when moving down into 1A where those teams just can’t compete. Coe is a good coach great motivator and does a good job there but I’m not sure him many people believe they are out X and O people. The fact that a good Pahokee team, nothing special had Madison beat this year and it took a miracle comeback should answer the question you’ve asked.
  8. Anyone can be a homer and name the great players from the team they watch all the time. I’m sure Madison has had a lot of studs. I have only seen them a handful of times along with these other teams. Those are the kids I have watched that jumped out in the games I have seen. Stats can be misleading, sometimes kids pile up yards against scrubs. The kids that I named I saw in person look like freaks. The Staten from this year was really good so you could probably add him.
  9. 2011-12 Footman Brothers :Jefferson Co Cedric Stokes :Trenton 2013-2015 Hamp Cheevers :Trenton Davis Kid RB : Port St Joe Tyler King : Ft Meade 2016-2019 Travis Jay : Madison Co Treven Smith : Blountstown
  10. Should they suspend the band director that’s tells the kids how many competitions they have won and how great their shows are? This is a joke, everyone knew the kids were in campus and they were touring the football facilities. What did they think would happen? SMH The FHSAA is the worst when it comes to consistency. Selective enforcement
  11. Well since it’s legal now for everyone to recruit and open school choice it’s more difficult for a private school to assemble talent. They have to be all in like a St Thomas and kids have to pay nothing to attend. No way kids are going to pay 3-4K a year to go to Trinity when they could go to Vanguard. Let’s not pretend that the kids that are 4-5 stars actually go for the education. They are going to play on a all star team that will win. Vanguard has been loaded with talent the last few years and underachieved but kids like to play with other “stars”. Also there isn’t any state retirement at Trinity and I know that Union pays much better as well. I saw two of Trinity’s D1 athletes transferred out the other day. I was told it was because of the cost of tuition. Can’t see them getting back to the Brantley days like that.
  12. I don’t think Madison has intentionally cheated at any time. They have taken advantage of the rules with the charter school though. In 2015 they probably should have forfeited games mid season because the qb they got from Hamilton was playing without a release from Hamilton. The two schools met and agreed that he would not play vs Hamilton as a penalty and they would let it go. In reality Madison is a school with 750 kids that could compete with 3-5A schools and occasionally win a title at that level, but with the charter school they are 1A competing vs schools with 3-500 kids without near the athletes that Madison possesses. Two schools have had the athletes to match them since their move to 1A, Trenton in 15 and Pahokee in 16,17, and 19. They are 2-2 vs those teams. 95 % of the teams in 1A will never have the horses to match Madison County.
  13. Madison had enrollment numbers of 690-670 from 2009-2012. The charter scored opened in 2013 with only like 30-40 kids. They now have 200 kids enrolled in 2019. Madison’s enrollment numbers dropped into the 590’s-570 in 2014-18. Clewiston is a bigger school as they had a enrollment number of 920’s this year. If Madison counted the charter school they would have 750-800.
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