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  1. The 16 Best FL HS QB's of the Past 50 Years

    John Brantley: Trinity Catholic Tim Tebow: Nease Anquan Boldin: Pahokee Teddy Bridgewater: Northwestern Danny Weurffel: Ft Walton Beach Wayne Peace: Lakeland Tommie Frazier: Manatee Stephen Garcia: Plant?
  2. 2000 Class 6A Title Game - Palm Bay vs Dillard

    Frostproof beat Trinity Christian 6-0 on a rain soaked day at UF maybe around 2002?? I want to say Frostproof was 6-4 heading into the playoffs that year and a runner up.
  3. Famous Father & Son Coaches/Dub & John Palmer

    Dub Palmer, won a title at Wildwood I believe. His son John Palmer has won 2 at Port St Joe (05? 14).
  4. Is A College Coach Worth $10 Million Per Year?

    How about we actually blame who is responsible for a kid being in that situation, the parents. Now I understand your point and actually agree with you on most of what you say above. However giving the kid money in college isn’t going to help any of those things you mentioned. It only masks the problem at hand. In reality what you are proposing is, saying college a minor league per say, and lets not even attend class because you aren’t getting a education anyway. We will pay you while you attend here preparing for you next job the NFL, which a very low number will make and if you do make it you will blow your money in a few years anyway. I think fundamentally we agree with a lot of the problems that exist but until we begin to address the root of the problem we will continue to have them. In my opinion parents (or lack of parents) depend on schools to raise their kid. But that is a whole separate rabbit hole to chase.
  5. Is A College Coach Worth $10 Million Per Year?

    So now it’s the schools fault a kid get a degree that isn’t very profitable or one that isn’t in high demand? So who is exactly responsible for someone blowing their money? I mean I happen to believe that we are all responsible for our actions, good or bad. In response to Darter, I agree that they should allow a kid the opportunity to go pro immediately if they choose to. However I believe if they choose to go to school they should have to stay 3 years, much like college baseball.
  6. Is A College Coach Worth $10 Million Per Year?

    Nothing wrong with Dabo making that kind of money, he’s at the top of his profession. Not sure how his salary breaks down as far as what the state pays or boosters but that would be the only rub. As for the players not getting paid that’s a whole other issue. No one makes a kid go to college to play football. They could go play in the CFL if they didn’t want to go to college and be “used”. The NFL has had their rules in place for years regarding being 3 years removed from high school before they can play. It has nothing to do with college football. College football happens to have always been the feeder for kids wanting to go to the NFL. People complain they should get paid, well go to the CFL and get paid. The problem with that is they don’t see that to be a better option to reach the NFL despite the pay. Universities offer a education that allows kids to obtain jobs that will pay them for the rest of their lives. I would guess that 85% of these kids would not go to college without these scholarships. Let’s assume that people without a degree make a average of 40k a year from 25-65. Now assume people with a degree make 55k a year in the same time. That’s a difference of 600k in their life. So now ask the question did they receive compensation for playing football?
  7. STA Recruiting

    There is no punishment at all outside of the $2500 dollar fine. They were ordered to forfeit the two $5000 dollar salaries, not fine them. So the QB club writes those two coaches a check for 5k then the school donates the 5k back to the QB club, since they didn’t have to pay the coaches in the first place. All that happens in this deal is the coaches save 5k in taxes. FHSAA is a joke as usual.
  8. Coaches with quick state appearances?

    Jeremy Brown: Jefferson County 2011 1st year won John Palmer: Port St Joe 2014 1st year won, 2015 2nd year lost Andrew Thomas: Trenton 2012 2nd year lost, 2013 3rd year won
  9. Counties with Back-to-Back State Champions

    Union 94-96
  10. Most dominant teams by margin of victory

    2015 Trenton Tigers Duval Charter 50-16* Bell 50-0* Port St Joe 48-13 Dixie Co 54-10 Chiefland 58-12* Bronson 49-0* Newberry 54-6* Williston 42-14 Branford 56-0* Episcopal 49-7* Ft Meade 51-20 Dixie Co 42-7 Madison Co 28-17 Port St Joe 56-14 Running clock in 13 of 14 games including state runner up Port St Joe 2 times, #2 Ft Meade and Dixie Co 2 times. * denotes running clock in 1st half
  11. Pahokee@Hawthorne

    The fhsaa allows it so Madison isn't breaking any rules but to say it's a level playing field is crazy. Hats off to Madison they have a great program but should definitely be playing in 3A or 4A.
  12. Pahokee@Hawthorne

    The Madison vs Hawthorne matchup will be a true David vs Goliath task. Hawthorne with 164 kids and Madison with close to 800 kids including their charter school. Hawthorne would probably be the favorite in 1A if not for Madison. I'm afraid the size and depth will play a role with Hawthorne matching up for 4 quarters. What a story it would be for Hawthorne to win it all.
  13. FHSAA Playoff system is very flawed

    This is the product of Frank Beasley and the Fhsaa and it has proven to be terribly flawed. The former system as mentioned above was better. The fact you had bad teams in the playoffs were because of 3 team districts. If you say the minimum number of teams in a district are 6, that guarantees 5 games then you still have schedule flexibility. You will NEVER make everyone happy but I don't know anyone that can honestly say that a winless team belongs in the playoffs. On top of that it was decided by a coin flip. We need a math degree to figure out the standings but we can't get teams together to play 1 qtr to decide a playoff spot. Let's just flip a coin and here we go. I would like to believe that the Fhsaa is embarrassed by these results but I really don't think they care.
  14. Blountstown coach coming to PSJ

    It's a done deal. Has been for several weeks. Joe shouldn't miss a beat. Good for you guys.
  15. Blountstown/Madison final

    I don't believe that Columbia wanted anything to do with that Trenton team. If you did have 3 kids running a 4.4 that just tells me you used your kids poorly. Columbia had one good win that year over Bolles and beat a bunch of decent teams (GHS, Lincoln, Bartram Trail,). We'll never know but it's fun to debate.
  16. Blountstown/Madison final

    I have no idea Jbaby. Does it really matter? The charter school began in 2013 magically Madison's enrollment began to drop and by 2015 they were 1A. Without the charter school my guess is Madison would have lost to Raines in the 4A semis or played Cocoa for the ship in 4A this year. The same as y'all did the previous 15 years. Nothing has changed except the enrollment at Madison which allowed them to compete in 1A.
  17. Blountstown/Madison final

    No sour grapes on my end. I say congrats on winning the whole thing. The folks who started the charter didn't do it to get Madison into 1A, but to believe it doesn't benefit Madison in sports is just foolish. You play with the rules given and that's what y'all did. Obviously the Fhsaa is at fault but we all know they are a bunch of clowns anyway. To Dorsey, Jbaby and the rest of the Madison fans congrats, those titles are hard to come by for the public school.
  18. Blountstown/Madison final

    Are you saying I'm wrong Dorsey? Please quote anything that I've said hurtful towards the Madison kids or program. Also you tell me how many kids are in the charter school since you "know".
  19. Blountstown/Madison final

    I appreciate the invite Dorsey but I don't have to. I just happened to eat lunch this week with one of the guys who signed on the loan for the school. I would guess that he probably knows little bit about it considering he has an investment in it. Again I am not trying to take away from Madison as a team or program, only explaining how they arrived in 1A.
  20. Blountstown/Madison final

    http://www.jmphs.org This has as much to do with a Madison 1A title, as good players and off season workouts. Not saying that team or coaches don't work hard or aren't a great program but without the charter school they are not a 1A school. That charter school is on its first year of seniors this year. Madison Co sudden drop in enrollment occurred when the school opened. Madison has roughly 600 kids just under the 1A limit. The charter school has almost 200 kids. I think everyone would love to cut 25% of the enrollment but still use the kids. I know the Madison fans will say "maybe only 1 or 2 kids play from that school". I understand that argument but the fact remains they are and were always kids that made up that school. Again congratulations to Madison Co on a great season and great team. You guys have worked hard enough to finally get one after being close so many times. Also congrats to Btown I drastically undervalued them as a team.
  21. BLOUNTSTOWN/ Madison County -Prediction

    Madison will roll in this one. BTown will experience speed the likes they have not seen in their career. Pahokee was the only team in 1A that even came close to having the athletes to match up with Madison. Madison has 22 seniors and they always have 20+ seniors every year. That is very hard for the normal 1A team to match up with year in and year out. Madison 49 BTown 12
  22. Trenton

    Lol, that's right picksix!! What was I thinking.
  23. Trenton

    This is pretty ridiculous to be honest. Google the Tampa Catholic case when they recruited the #1 recruit in the nation Nate Craig Meyers last year. They didn't get anything done to them basically. The Fhsaa is not consistent or transparent at all. Pretty disappointing that these people are supposed to look out for the well being of kids. When in reality that's the last thing they have on mind. http://www.tampabay.com/hometeam/blog/fhsaa-finds-insufficient-recruiting-evidence-against-tampa-catholic/22366/
  24. Came across this while bored at work...1990 Suwannee.

    I didn't say they would have won state in a larger class. My guess would be that you guys are better than they are now. I'm quite sure those kids on those 87-90 teams won't trade their state rings for some meaningless win over Columbia.
  25. Came across this while bored at work...1990 Suwannee.

    Well I believe Columbia is close to twice the size of Suwanee for one. Also I believe they played at the end of the year,last game. Suwannee was getting ready to win playoff games while Columbia was playing their super bowl. They very easily could have held kids out while getting ready for the playoffs.