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  1. They have a great running game. Their running back is only a sophomore and will be a major D1 prospect, and their defense should be good. In the spring game they beat down a talented South Dade team 36-2
  2. Agreed. Northwestern's quarterback is entering his third year as a starter and the supporting cast is good.
  3. That's what I meant. They don't count in the official record, but they count in the national rankings.
  4. Pre-season games do count, and they should. Here are the rankings for last season week 1, after the kickoff classics. Notice IMG is at the bottom after their loss to AHP. Their prior ranking is in parenthesis. http://www.maxpreps.com/news/Eg8xnFen0kanMxCpLFuZwg/maxpreps-top-25-national-high-school-football-rankings.htm
  5. Southridge might be toughest from that group. They have over 20 players with division 1 offers. Their skill positions are loaded with talent and they got a quarterback transfer from Sunset to play for them. If they have a decent offensive line then watch out. This might be the year The "Ridge" is back.
  6. That game is a kickoff classic, I don't think it counts for the regular season record.
  7. 2007 Miami Northwestern vs. 2007 Booker T Both went undefeated and won state titles. Both teams were loaded with talent.
  8. You have Mater Academy and Jackson listed and not Booker T?
  9. Jackson, Killian, Booker T, Columbus and Carol City have killer schedules. There's no denying the talent in south Florida.
  10. Since 7A and 8A were created, STA has definitely benefitted. When they were in 5A and 4A before that, the playing field was much more even. The only way STA doesn't win 7A is if they beat themselves.
  11. The fact that Sunset and Mater are the two teams that represented Dade County in the playoffs for 7A says a lot. The only reason those two teams had good records and made the playoffs is because their schedules are so weak because they're in 7A. If you put those two teams in 6A or 8A Dade County, they would finish below .500 I agree that 7A has some good teams other than STA, but I think 6A as a whole is much tougher to win a state title.
  12. The actions that Bellevue is accused of, happens all over Florida. Several public schools recruit and everyone knows it, but nothing happens.
  13. STA and Bolles for me. I always hope they miss the playoffs or lose early in the post-season
  14. Carol City 36 - South Dade 2 Miramar 14 - Dillard 7
  15. Poly isn't what it used to be, although for name recognition I agree. I remember they came down to play Northwestern at Traz a few years ago. I'd like to see De La Salle against any traditional power from Miami. The closest they've come to South Florida is to play St. Thomas, and they lost. Lakeland also beat them a few years back. The St. Thomas- Bishop Gorman game should be the game of the year in high school football this year.
  16. They aren't really games. Just scrimmages for the refs to practice and get certified. Each team gets an equal number of snaps, no score is kept.
  17. I'd have to see their schedule, but they have to be the favorites to repeat. From what I'm hearing instead of losing transfers, they're getting some in since Ice is back in the program.
  18. Hialeah is right over the bridge from Central so it's not too far, and some of them will see the field faster at Hialeah.
  19. Last year Mainland was the 6A favorite heading into the season.
  20. Nice schedule. I would love to see Columbia take on a team from Dade county.
  21. You gotta wonder how long it'll take for Ice to get the head coaching position back. Tillman better watch his back.
  22. He'll do just fine. He'll be able to attract coaches and players to his program. With the new law that passed that kids can go to any school they want to for sports, he'll be able to bring in athletes from all parts of the city.
  23. I would include IMG somewhere. Let them recruit all they want. STA already does it. I would love to see where they stack up against Florida's best.
  24. Cocoa and Glades would still be stuck behind Booker T or AHP, and Mainland would still be stuck behind Central, or STA. Would be interesting if it went back to 6 classifications. But that won't happen.
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