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  1. I believe that was the game where Antonio Bryant and the amazing catch in the end zone to win the game. Great Game.
  2. I agree with everything you said. Sloppy game for both teams. Booker T now up 14-10.
  3. Aside from Columbus, MiamiDade doesn't have any private school powers. Columbus has recently been getting on the map. Like mentioned previously, most of their players are hispanic and very smart. That counts for a lot because they are very disciplined and know their assignments. They do recruit, but mainly for their skill positions. For example, they have a freshman running back named Darren Davis Jr. He was supposed to play at Southridge and even started fall practice there. He ended up at Columbus. Columbus has a good thing going and it's only a matter of time until they break through and wi
  4. As far as ranking IMG in the national polls, who cares. They aren't the only ones that recruit. Bishop Gorman, Don Bosco, De La Salle, St. John Bosco and many other national powers recruit. It's mainly the private schools since they have no boundaries, but none of them are unbeatable. I do think AHP was lucky to catch IMG in the first game of the season. It takes time for talent to gel together.
  5. BTW has turned it up for the playoffs. I think they can pull it off.
  6. 8A Apopka vs South Dade 7A Columbia vs STA 6A Armwood vs Central 5A North Marion vs American Heritage 4A Bolles vs Booker T I'll be honest, 3A on down I don't know enough to make an educated guess.
  7. As much as Gables dominated the first game, I'm leaning towards Columbus. Coach Merritt and his staff will be ready for the rematch. I think it's a tall order to beat Columbus twice in three weeks. I could be wrong, but I'm leaning towards Columbus.
  8. I agree with that statement. A lot of people don't know about South Dade. They won state two years ago and missed the playoffs last year despite being 7-3. They play in a tough district and slipped up once against a talented Killian team this year. Other than that game, South Dade has been killing teams this year. I think this year's team is better than the one that one state two years ago. People may think they're a sleeper team because they don't have much championship history in Football, but I would be genuinely shocked if they don't win the 8A title this year.
  9. 4A Either Cocoa or Bolles (Don't count out Booker T. They may be 5-5 but they faced a tough schedule and the team had to grow up quick. I wouldn't be surprised if they made it to the title game and lost to Bolles) 6A Central 7A St. Thomas 8A South Dade
  10. Central is very beatable this year. I think they won't be challenged in the playoffs until they play Mainland. If they make it past Mainland, I think Armwood can beat them this year.
  11. I agree about Columbus, their coaching is top notch. They aren't blowing out teams like traditional powerhouses, but their defense is suffocating and their offense does enough to get the win. South Dade looks great this year. Out of Miami-Dade I think it'll come down to Columbus or South Dade. The Columbus-Coral Gables game will tell us a lot about both teams.
  12. The D-line for DeMatha was a wall. They have four D1 players on that line. Central had no chance. That game reminded me of the game a few years ago when Central played Grayson up in Georgia. Central had Dalvin Cook and Joseph Yearby in the backfield, and they couldn't move the ball against that Grayson D-line. Central still won state that year.
  13. Not surprised. American Heritage was lucky to get IMG before they played any other game, now IMG has played two games and will only get better.
  14. I was hoping Booker T would put up a good fight, but they were overmatched. St. Thomas is loaded and they look like a college team. St. Thomas's players all look like they live in the gym and they're fast. Booker T's players look thin and fragile. They just have speed, and last night that didn't matter. I don't see anyone beating St. Thomas this year.
  15. Booker T. will have to play their best game next week to keep the streak alive, and that might not be enough. Seeing how Booker T is coming in with a 42 game winning streak and they have won 3 straight state championships, would it be an upset if they beat St. Thomas?
  16. St. Thomas won easily over Dillard 24-0 Carol city over Mater Academy 44-9 Dwyer beat Miami Northwestern 27-22 Central won easily over Royal Palm Beach 48-6 Camden county beat Lincoln 48-13 American Heritage beat IMG 18-7 Winter Haven beat Columbus 25-24 Lakeland beat Lake Gibson 27-6
  17. So much for being ranked number 2 in the country. IMG is 0-1 All that talent coming together in the offseason needs time to gel, so you better get a win against them early in the season before they start clicking.
  18. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but when St. Thomas finally played Northwestern, it was they year when Teddy Bridgewater left and about 7 other division 1 signees. Now when they agree to play Booker T, Booker T has just lost about 8 division 1 players and their head coach. These games aren't made years in advance, they're made after the football season, so St. Thomas knew it was going to get a watered down version of Booker T.
  19. The problem is most states aren't allowing their high schools to participate. http://usatodayhss.com/2014/burger-king-state-champions-bowl-series-looks-to-grow Hopefully more states will agree to it.
  20. I don't know about that. They don't have a star quarterback like when they had Godfrey and the running backs are unproven. The defense might be the best they've had, but I'm not so sure about the offense.
  21. The Burger King bowl games are for state champions from Florida to play state champions from other states.
  22. Mainland has their best team in years. This could be their best chance at beating Central.
  23. Somebody does it every year. They have yet to have an undefeated season I believe.
  24. IMG just lost a 5 star quarterback and now they get another one to transfer in from Louisiana right before the season starts. This is crazy. No wonder they aren't allowed in the playoffs. I know teams recruit, most winning schools with tradition do, but most schools recruit within their city or town. IMG recruits NATIONALLY. http://www.maxpreps.com/news/nXZEVsmyjkyWFuUzfSUAZg/elite-11-winner-shea-patterson-announces-transfer-to-img-academy.htm
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