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  1. 6 hours ago, SportsNut25 said:

    Scorestream should be completely updated for all teams outside of South Florida. 

    Broward and PB publics (don't recall what the situation was with Miami publics) didn't really get tracked as close as the rest of the state since the schedules were a complete mess. (I'm actually half surprised you didn't hear of two schools showing up to a site both expecting to play the host school.) 

    Not really funny, but I had to laugh. 

  2. 41 minutes ago, Perspective said:

    White (hat) privilege?   :P

    Hey, in all seriousness, it is difficult to be an official. At the high school level it is done because of the love of the game. Just like in Florida, high school coaches for the love and not the money. 

  3. 9 hours ago, Jambun82 said:

    Peezy, I was 100% justified in what I said. This message board poster insults and degrades other message board posters all the time, and I have never see him threatened with being removed from this message board as you are doing with me now. I don't have to make an effort to ignore this message board poster, as I have done nothing wrong. If you, Josh, or whoever else is now a moderator decides that I am not invited to post on this message board  anymore, then I will have to accept that. I have read several times that politics are no longer to be discussed on this message board, and this message board poster went right ahead and started discussing politics, with no repercussions. I am not sure why this rules of this message board do not seem to be pertain to this particular message board poster, but I have had enough of this message board poster, and I do no want to hear from or read what this message board poster has to say. 

    @Jambun82, I have met the young man in person. And, I have spoken to you on the phone. I believe that both of you are decent, reasonable people. If due to different perceptions and/or beliefs caused by age, politics, or some other matter, you decide you don't like each other, the rational thing to do would be to just ignore each other. As the elder of the two, I would admonish you to exercise mature, adult judgment and let the matter go. 

  4. 8 hours ago, nolebull813 said:

    Man it really hits people differently. My grandmother is 85 and has COVID after she got it in a rehab facility after having major shoulder surgery. She is now in a hospital COVID ward. I talk to her everyday and she is laughing and joking but annoyed she even has to be there. Tough woman who just wants to go home. 2 more days

    hope your wife’s brother gets better.

    Glad she is doing well. Yes, it does affect different people differently. I am guessing this is due to both genetics, and physical condition. That's the chief reason I took the first shot of the vaccine this week even though I have reservations about it. I just have no idea how it would affect me, and I don't want to find out. 

    I hope he gets better, too. He is a humble, simple, good guy. I don't want him to die this way. Yesterday, we talked about going to watch the Razor Ruddock vs Michael Dokes fight at MSG back in the late 1980s (or was it 1990). Action packed fight which ended in very scary fashion when Dokes was knocked out cold for what seemed like, forever. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Jambun82 said:

    Yes, I made sure to include the word "man." I am sure that your wife is smarter than both of us, and I would like to think that my late wife was pretty brilliant as well. After all, she had great taste in men! lol 

    I am sorry your wife passed away at what I think is a relatively young age. Life is so much shorter than most of us realize. That's the reason we should all try to enjoy its simple pleasures before our time is up. 

  6. One of my wife's brothers is battling Covid-19 in a NYC hospital. JW has lived a humble life but has always been an avid sports fan, going to watch the Giants in sub freezing weather. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. 

    Right now, it does not look good. Please say a prayer for him. 

  7. 47 minutes ago, HornetFan said:

    Edgewater loses several of their best skill players to graduation this year. Orange County is not like Seminole County. Kids tend to move between teams more frequently in Orange. With Boone making a move towards being a good team, and with Jones, WP, DP, and Bishop Moore being relatively close neighbors of Edgewater, it's easy for kids to transition. Also, Evans has just hired a popular new HC. Competition for players in Orange can be intense. Seminole doesn't really face that in Seminole County where they are usually the elite team, and the kids in Sanford are very loyal to Seminole HS. Both schools, Edgewater and Seminole, have great coaching staffs, but I think Seminole is the best fit for Luke if he gets the starting QB position, which I think he will..

    Evans has hired an alum of the school who played on the team that shared the large class 5a title with Miami Southridge in 1991 when Bill G coached there. He has had some success coaching at Jones and then Wekiva, before coaching at the college level for a few years at FIU. KL spent over a decade in the NFL, so he has the credentials both as a player and coach. No doubt there is a lot of talent living in Pine Hills. So, if Lang can assemble a solid staff and is given enough time, he has an opportunity to resurrect his Alma Mata. But it is not an easy task. He must first get buy in from the administration, and then convince kids zoned for Evans that a new day is dawning at the school. For years, they lost many of their better footballers to a variety of high schools (principally west of I-4) in Orange County. 

    I certainly think Coach Lang has a chance to restore some punch to the Evans' program, but it won't be easy and the results of his efforts may take at least three years to be manifested in performance.  

  8. 4 minutes ago, HornetFan said:

    Luke and my youngest grandson , both QB's and juniors next year, are friends and spoke a few weeks ago about the Seminole opening. Aidan asked Luke if he was transferring and Luke was a little evasive, but it was obvious he was going that way. They were both trying out for QB of a 7v7 team loaded with Seminole kids and Luke was asking those kids a bunch of questions about the Seminole team. I don't think he would have been as good a fit at Edgewater. I think Seminole will be more accepting of him coming in. His competition will be Andrew McClain, a senior and Timmy's younger brother. They also have a very good freshman QB at Seminole.

    Although it is just as long a drive, Seminole would be an easier commute due to 417. For even if he took the 408, he would have to deal with the downtown Orlando traffic to get to College Park (all this assumes that he will actually choose to attend class and not virtual, but given he will be on the team, that is likely). With that said, I think Edgewater would be accepting of him. And, they have some good receivers both coming back and others waiting in the wings.

    Regardless, it leaves Oviedo with big holes to fill. Before Haggerty, Oviedo used to be a solid team year in and year out, and probably the second best team in the county. Since the opening of Haggerty, they have usually not been the same.  

  9. 6 minutes ago, HornetFan said:

    Luke has an offer from FAU already, and I'm sure more will come, especially playing at Seminole. At 6'3", he has good size and an accurate arm. He should have a better pocket at Seminole than he did at Oviedo, but if he gets flushed out like he did at WP, and a team like Apopka will have the talent to apply that pressure, he throws some wayward passes.

    No doubt, but he will only be a junior next year. In other words, he is still a work in progress. But, as of now, he is a very good work in progress. At Seminole, assuming he is the starter, I look for him to have a banner year and pick up a bunch of offers. I honestly think this kid has a lot of upside potential. I am surprised Edgewater did not make a play for him, as their starting QB graduated. They (Edge) have a lot going for them in the market right now, as they went toe to toe with St. Thomas two years in a row.  

  10. 6 minutes ago, HornetFan said:

    I went to the Oviedo - Winter Park game this season and WP totally ate Luke's lunch. Luke does well if he has time to set up and look downfield. If he's hurried, he has problems. My oldest grandson, the DE at WP (11 sacks this past season), had about 8-10 good pressures on Luke, including a sack for a 15 yard loss. Three of the pressures led to off balance throws and three interceptions by WP. Luke will have better pass blocking at Seminole as once again, they will be loaded at just about every position. He's a good kid; I hope it turns out to be a good move for him. His transfer totally devastates Oviedo's offense[ I think their next QB in line is about a 5'8" freshman. 

    I think the bolded words say it all. When he has some time to survey the field, he's accurate and a strong arm. He also moves around well in the pocket. With normal development, he will be at least a three star and will play at the next level. Of that I am pretty sure, having seen many quarterbacks over the years in the area. He reminds me of a kid that played at Olympia over a decade ago. I believe his name was Trevor Seimian (sp). He ended up at Northwestern in Illinois and was a mid round draft pick in the NFL draft his senior year. 

  11. 4 hours ago, peezy28 said:

    Now this really might be defamation insinuating he works for Morgan and Morgan which could certainly damage his image/reputation.  Perspective do I need to call the Turk to represent you?

    Troubling times do call for humor. Thanks!

  12. 12 hours ago, HornetFan said:

    Luke Rucker, highly rated sophomore QB at Oviedo, has transferred to Seminole HS starting this semester. It looks like they found a replacement for Timmy McClain, who has committed to USF for college.

    Just took a look at some of his highlights. Kid has a stronger arm than Timmy did as as Sophomore. Also, although he is listed as a prostyle QB, he is quite mobile. If Seminole has a comparable set of receivers to this past season, the offense will not miss a beat. 

  13. 12 hours ago, HornetFan said:

    Luke Rucker, highly rated sophomore QB at Oviedo, has transferred to Seminole HS starting this semester. It looks like they found a replacement for Timmy McClain, who has committed to USF for college.

    Oh boy, the rich get richer. Oviedo is not even close to Seminole. If he had transferred to Orange County school, Timber Creek, that would have made more sense. Clearly a sports move on the part of Luke. 

  14. 6 hours ago, Perspective said:

    Hmmm, let's see . . .

    "Smartest man alive" - likely a 'false statement of fact.'  :D  Check. 

    By posting the comment on this Board we can assume that at least one other person (likely DarterBlue) will read it, so it probably constitutes a 'communication to a third party.'  Check. 

    There was a time when being a smart person was a good thing, but I'm not so sure about that any more.  Now, being smart just opens you up to ridicule and the stigma of being a nerd.  So, I think I could convince a jury that a comment to the effect that you're the smartest man in the world could 'harm your reputation or financial well-being.'  So, Check. 

    In conclusion, I'm pretty sure you just defamed yourself.  B)

    Today only, I'll offer to represent you -- both as the plaintiff and the defendant , although I'll need both of you to sign a conflict waiver.  I also will need substantial fee retainers from 'both' of you.  But don't worry about my astronomically high hourly rates; once you prevail against yourself, we can go after the losing party to recover those fees.  :D


    For the People (as long as I'm one of the people). 





    This has got to be the funniest post I have ever read on any message board!!:D

  15. 2 minutes ago, HornetFan said:

    My youngest grandson (QB) plays on a very competitive 18 and under 7v7 team during the Winter and Spring with two of Lake Mary's best players from this past season, a WR and a DB. He says they are both very talented. The team also has 8 of Seminole HS' top skill position players. After practicing with the Seminole kids for the past three weeks, he said it's no surprise they won the 8A state championship. 

    Agree. Even if Columbus, Deerfield Beach and Western had played in the playoffs (two could not and one chose not to), I think Seminole would have still won 8a. 

  16. 1 minute ago, HornetFan said:

    Lake Mary usually fields a good team, plus their feeder system from youth football is very good. They're never an easy win for any opponent.

    They are always well coached and disciplined. What they have lacked in the past is team speed. This, more than anything else, has prevented them from making a deep run. This year was their best, getting to the Regional final. And, they could easily have won the rematch with Apopka. But for a blocked field goal and blocked extra point, and an interception in the end zone, LM would have likely won. 

  17. 2 hours ago, KeemD321 said:

    What about any Brevard teams?

    Cocoa will for the foreseeable future be good. Rockledge seems to be back to its old self. What's the situation with Viera? I did not expect them to beat Edgewater, but thought they could have at least kept the game respectable. 

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