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  1. 4 hours ago, Jambun82 said:

    Yes, and the Mayor of Apopka tossed the coin that night. Not sure if the "good guys" won, but the team that executed better and scored the most points sure did. Just like the West Orange-Apopka playoff game in 2015.

    Yes, but to me the good guys won in 2012. In 2015, that result was reversed. Oh well, you can't win em all.  

  2. 2 hours ago, Pipe Dreams said:

    Kind of crazy how DP won by 17 then Apopka won by 18. That was by far DP's worst game of the year, and probably Apopka's best but I can't be sure as I didn't follow all their games. Apopka was unstoppable that night, I felt it in the first quarter. One of those doom and gloom feelings. 

    Will DP-Apopka be streamed?

    Apopka came to life in their second playoff game versus Timber Creek. They looked totally different than the team that had beaten University the week before but which had given up either four or five touchdowns to that team. Against Timber Creek, they dominated, holding Patrick to one long touchdown on a short pass. Otherwise, he was totally shut down. The whole team stepped up that night. The next week they travelled to Fletcher and did it all again. After those two games, I became very confident they were going to win state. And, despite a big scare in the final quarter of the title game, they did not disappoint. 

  3. On 9/21/2020 at 5:33 PM, Pipe Dreams said:




    2019: APOPKA 21-13

    2018: APOPKA 38-7

    2017: APOPKA 21-14 (DP was state champion)

    2016: APOPKA 15-14

    2015: APOPKA 22-20

    2014: NO GAME

    2013: NO GAME

    2012: DP 35-17........ then, APOPKA 38-19 (FINAL FOUR)

    2011: DP 32-21

    2010: NO GAME

    2009: APOPKA 58-52, 5 OT (ROUND 2)


    Apopka is 7-2 in this time span against DP.

    For reference, DP is 121-25 during this time span (across all games)... Apopka accounts for 28% of DP's losses since 2009. 

    Darter, you'll like this one. When Hendrickson ran that long bruising TD in the final four in 2012, my friend looked at me and said "that kid's going to the NFL". I'm pretty sure the guy was wayyyy off the radar. 

    Trey always had the talent, but had issues with discipline and taking guidance. He nearly did not play his senior year. Personally, I preferred him as a tall receiver to defensive end. He had good hands, ran good routes, had adequate speed, and was always a load to bring down. But it all worked out. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Pipe Dreams said:

    Two of the top teams in 8A square off this week.

    Both teams are stacked with talent.

    Apopka beat Ocoee 15-13 and it’s defense is among the best in the state regardless of class. Their vaunted offense usually progresses as the year goes on and I believe they return a ton from last year on that side of the ball.

    Dr. Phillips led Boone 48-20 before Boone mounted a comeback on some younger guys (48-41). DP’s offense is probably the best it has been since 2010 but the defense gave up some big plays through the air.


    Tough one to call. Apopka will need to stop explosive plays from DP while DP must regain leverage and outside contain on defense. While Boone had most of their success through the air, DP had tons of trouble with the wildcat at the end.

    27-27 into OT, then pickem

    I think this is one of those years when DP gets revenge for all the close games they have dropped to Apopka over the recent past. DP by 14. 

  5. 5 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    Another way of putting it...the "big" kid always had a place in hs football.  As a hs coach, when that big kid showed up on the practice field, you said, "Son, we'll find a place for you somewhere."

    Now only the giant and/or fast kid has a place.  In terms of the average population, a 6'0" 230 pound high schooler is a BIG kid.  But in hs football today, if that kid is slow, there is really not a place for him.  He is too small for the line and too slow for any other position, at least in a state like Florida.      



    16 minutes ago, Hwy17 said:

    That kid may not have a place at one of those private schools like you mentioned above but a many a high school would find a place for him.

    He would certainly still have a place on many good rural and small town teams. In the metro areas, he would have a spot on some teams, but not on the teams with a good shot at a deep playoff run unless he was very quick for his size or very, very strong. 

  6. On 9/12/2020 at 4:35 PM, HornetFan said:

    I have no problem with paying for an opportunity to watch a local high school game . The concern is, we are only 5 days from Central Florida schools opening their seasons and there's nothing out there as to any information about schools live streaming. Are the same people who screwed up on-line schooling in the Spring in charge of live streaming games? If so, we're in trouble.

    Individual schools are doing their own streaming. Wekiva has a YouTube channel. Apopka will be streaming live too. I don't know their details, but the Twitter account of ApkNewsguy should have them by Wednesday. I believe Edgewater, Winter Park and Lake Brantley will also have streaming for at least their home games. 

  7. 6 hours ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:


    Edgewater (0-0) at IMG Academy (1-0)




    American Heritage (Plantation) (0-0) at Chaminade-Madonna (1-0)

    Auburndale (1-0) at Lake Gibson (1-0)

    Bartram Trail (1-0) at Mandarin (1-0)

    Bolles (1-0) at St. Augustine (1-0)

    Fleming Island (1-0) at Fletcher (1-0)

    Lakeland Christian (2-0) at Bishop Verot (1-1)

    Port Charlotte (2-0) at Palmetto (0-0)

    Seminole (Sanford) (0-0) at Gainesville (1-0)

    South Sumter (0-1) at Trinity Catholic (0-0)




    American Heritage
    Bartram Trail
    Flemming Island
    Lakeland Christian
    Trinity Catholic


  8. On 9/5/2020 at 4:12 PM, OldSchoolLion said:

    Interested in everyone's perspective on these rankings.  I was surprised to see Chaminade-Madonna amongst the Top 50 and surprised not to see Northwestern, just based upon reputation.

    1. IMG

    3. STA

    13. Central

    22. AH Plantation

    26. Booker T

    28. Edgewater

    36. Chaminade-Madonna

    44. Armwood

    Eight Florida teams in the National top 50. Not sure I agree with the above rankings and I also feel that by season's end, Apopka will have a national rank as going into the season they are better than they were last year. But, I can't say I have a huge problem with the above as a starting point. 

  9. On 9/9/2020 at 10:41 PM, THIS_IS_DILLARD said:

    Ayee Apopka is up here..maybe we can meet up for the first time in 4 years lol. Because it looks like broward public schools are going to have little to No season so im gonna have to pick a orlando school to follow smh lol

    The quality at the better schools is not bad. What the area does not have is the depth of South Florida. If they allow fans Apopka/Jones would be a good game to attend. I will even sport you a ticket if I can get any. Apopka has the potential to be better than they were last year and Jones probably won't miss a beat from the team that played Northwestern tight at Daytona. 

  10. 2 hours ago, badbird said:

    I still have covid.  Covid already defeated Lakeland and Olympia so I won 2 games week 1.  I'm sure more than that but I've been busy trying to get our season to start with all these rules and guidelines.  Anyway I'll declare myself the champ at the end no matter what.   Stay safe guys and I hope we make it to the end.  

    Covid is a formidable opponent. 

  11. On 9/5/2020 at 7:58 PM, THIS_IS_DILLARD said:

    Haven't heard anything and I see games have started....

    Also I stay in Orlando now so what are some good games to check out this year ??

    If Edgewater and Jones is still on, it is a must see game. Schools are less than four miles apart and the kids see it as a real rivalry. Both teams could go deep if there is a playoffs. 

    Apopka vs Jones is also a good game to watch. 

  12. We are likely going to have a spotty high school football season, and students will be hard put to learn in the current environment as things change from week to week. 

    We need, as a country, to do some serious self analysis as to why this has dragged out so much longer here than elsewhere. 

  13. 2 hours ago, VeniceIndiansFootball said:

    Yeah you beat them week 1 of post championship year, after Oscar Smith lost everything to graduation. Seems like Vero waits until everyone loses their talent and schedules them week 1 when they are at their weakest, doesn’t it? Well that’s not going to happen with us. And comparing Venice’s program to Veros is like comparing apples and oranges. Venice has won 4 regional championships And a state championship in the past 4 years. Vero hasn’t won their region in years, and hasn’t won states in 39 years. Stop living in the past. Regardless of who wins 9/11, I have nothing but respect for Vero Beach’s program.

    Based on how you have just bashed them, that one is hard to believe, LOL!

  14. 10 hours ago, VeniceIndiansFootball said:

    IMG will roll them. Edgewater graduated the majority of their talent last year while IMG Academy returns majority of their starters from last year. Plus Edgewater is on the road. 42-14 IMG

    The majority of Edgewater's talented skill players were juniors and sophomores last year. They did lose some experienced linemen on both sides of the ball and a very good kicker. The kicker has been replaced, so that is not an issue. I believe both Edgewater receivers of merit will be back. 

  15. 8 hours ago, Perspective said:

    Darter, perhaps Florida HS Football needs someone to cover the game for them . . . write up a short article, snap a few pictures, etc.  You know, a good, old-fashioned freelance writer.   Win-win.  FHSF gets much-needed content and you get a front-row seat to watch the game from down on the field.   I'm guessing that the credentials to get down on the field to watch the game for free would be payment enough. 

    Just a thought. 

    I think it's worth asking Josh, which I will. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  16. 4 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

    It is Tommy Streeter, who helped Northwestern win to back-to-back 6A state titles against Lake Brantley(2006) and Boone(2007).  He caught a TD in each game, both thrown by Jacory Harris.  Streeter went on to play for the Hurricanes.  He passed on his senior year and entered the NFL draft, where he was drafted by the Ravens.  His NFL career never took off as hoped.

    Tommy was a very, very good possession receiver. The first time I saw him live against Miami Central at the old Orange Bowl, shortly before it was demolished I knew he had NFL talent then and there. Funnily enough, though, I though Aldarius Johnson had even more potential, but issues (off field??) caused his college career to stall. That MNW team had as much offensive talent as I have seen on any one high school team. 

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