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    DarterBlue2 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in Booker T. Washington Tornadoes @ Dillard 8/16/24   
    Can’t wait. Dillard band is huge again as usual lol. I’m just ready for football season. But for now I guess I’ll enjoy the first pro championship trophy (hockey) that’s been brought to Ft. Lauderdale. 
    as a heat fan I’ve been to the heat parades but that was in Mia. But to actually have a team from yo city be world champions it hit different. So I know the city gonna go crazy for the parade. Hockey & none hockey fans. 
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to topnotch305 in Booker T. Washington Tornadoes @ Dillard 8/16/24   
    Slim down?  I saw him at the fau 7 on 7 and he look like he can play fb or oline lol. 
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Dr. D in IMG's 2024 Season Schedule   
    For those interested, looks like MaxPreps has updated the schedules for IMG National, Blue, and White.  (Note: "Central" on IMG National's schedule is Phenix City, Alabama, not Miami Central).
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    DarterBlue2 got a reaction from Jullian in FOOTBALL SUMMER WORKOUTS   
    They have a nice football stadium and generally good fan support. I watched a game up there with @Columbiafan several years ago. 
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Jullian in FOOTBALL SUMMER WORKOUTS   
    I’m up in Lake City(getting da hell outta So Flo) for a week. Stopped by Columbia to see the school & stadium. Luckily the players were there doing conditioning. As usual they have some big boys, tall boys, fast boys, & many boys. Would like to see them do well. 
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to KeemD321 in IMG's 2024 Season Schedule   
    From what I was able to find. I see Corner Canyon, Bergen Catholic, Venice and Cocoa
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Dr. D in IMG's 2024 Season Schedule   
    Whoever entered the schedules on MaxPreps has somehow combined the schedules of IMG National, IMG Blue and IMG White.  So the schedule on MaxPreps for IMG is not accurate, and I have not been able to find their 2024 schedule on their official website.  And for the record, Corner Canyon was 13-1 last year, Utah 6A state champion, gave Bishop Gorman a game in their only loss, and ranked #36 in the nation by one publication (although probably not a match for IMG).  
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Ray Icaza in FOOTBALL SUMMER WORKOUTS   
    New Osceola lineman Connor Howes commits to Arkansas (orlandosentinel.com)
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Ray Icaza in FOOTBALL SUMMER WORKOUTS   
    I know the focus on building a top tier team seems to rely heavily on the transfer/recruiting piece during the spring and summer.  However, the work effort put in during the 2 summer months before fall are a very important component for success in the upcoming season.  It will be here before you know it and the participation level, especially by your seniors, leaders, star players, etc... are key in setting the right example.  At Osceola, our voluntary summer workouts began yesterday so I made it a point to check them out today and as usual the team is out in force which I think contributes to our success rather than depending on mass (a dozen or more) transfers to bolster the program.  Again, we probably have as many good players transfer out as opposed to transferring in but based on what we do have we should be a playoff team once again; this was evident in our Spring Jamboree last month.  Hard work along with a great attitude is a winning formula and we certainly have a history of that.  GO KOWBOYS!!
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Dr. D in New "Open Division" proposal   
    As has been pointed out here previously, the more elite teams often have no choice but to schedule other elite teams to fill out their schedule.  With only 3-4 district games guaranteed, teams must find 6-7 non-district games.  Unless more mediocre teams are willing to step up to take on Central, STA, Chaminade, etc., the more elite teams may have no choice but to schedule one another to fill out a 10-game schedule, regardless of the possibility of meeting again in the postseason.  
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to flabuck in New "Open Division" proposal   
    How do they fill the open playoff spot when a team gets moved up to the open division, assuming they take the top two in a district for the playoffs, does the team with the third best record in the district slotted in by default?  If the top two are not automatic qualifier system is not used, then is it based on rankings?
    Take a look at the new district 4A-15, it is completely possible that both Miami Norland and American Heritage Plantation both make the top eight, do the other two teams make it by default even though one of teams may have not won a single district game.  This could push them toward a ranking system for selection.They have a few years to work through the details but will be something to watch.
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to muckboy561 in New "Open Division" proposal   
    Keep it in Tallahassee lol.
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    DarterBlue2 got a reaction from KeemD321 in New "Open Division" proposal   
    That's a very realistic scenario. The only fault I can find with the coach of the 8th ranked team is that he ran his mouth too much after resting his starters. As such, to maintain even a shred of credibility, the FHSAA may be forced to sanction the program, the effects of which would not be felt till the subsequent year. 
    An appropriate punishment, if this team is perpetually good but not great, would be to force them to play in the elite 8 in the subsequent year even if their final ranking placed them somewhere between 9 and 15. 
    This will likely end in hilarity. If they are going to have an open division, to avoid such a situation, it may make sense to determine the teams based on their rankings at the end of the prior year. Yes, I know that this will be unfair to some teams. But it will likely be to a minority of teams as recent history suggests that 4-6 of the elite 8 will likely be constant from year to year. 
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    DarterBlue2 got a reaction from THAT S--T WAS FUNNY in New "Open Division" proposal   
    It's a semi round robin format with the higher seeds getting a bye. It's really a minimum of four rounds and not five as losers get a second shot in the first round.
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Perspective in New "Open Division" proposal   
    Y'all can fill in the blanks when this happens a few years from now:
    The FHSAA reportedly is investigating _____________ High School.  Going into the final game of the regular season, __HS was ranked 8th in the state according to MaxPreps, just ahead of [insert the names of two or three other high schools].  In the final game, __HS head coach, ______________, elected to rest the vast majority of his starters, which had two effects:  first, __HS lost its final game of the season and, second, __HS dropped to 9th in the MaxPreps poll.   As a result, the [fill in the name of the __HS mascot] will not be part of the Open Division playoffs and will avoid a first-round match-up with national powerhouse Lake Chamanade-Aquinas, currently ranked second in the country behind IMG.  However, __HS will go into the Class 6 state playoff series as the definitive favorite to win a state championship title. 
    When asked about his decision to rest players, Coach ___________ replied:  "Gosh, darnit, these kids have been working their tails off all season and, quite frankly, they were getting tired and needed a little rest.  And since more than half of them transferred in this past summer, it took us a while to gel as a team.  Heck, I'm just now learning all their names.  But by the end of the season, we'd gotten pretty darn good.  A little too good.  But not good enough to beat teams like Lake Chamanade-Aquinas or CoColumbus in the Open Division playoffs.  I felt like I owed it to my boys to give them a legitimate shot at being a state champion and that just wasn't going to happen if we stayed in the top 8."
    The FHSAA issued the following statement:  "We try to make good decisions, but we've never been real good at anticipating the consequences of our actions.  When implementing the Open Division, it never dawned on us that borderline teams might want to avoid getting their butts kicked by perennial powers in the Open Division playoffs and, instead, might just want to try to win a regular state title.  To overcome our embarrassment, we've decided to "investigate" __HS and Coach ______________.   Of course,  nothing will come of our investigation and it won't even happen until sometime next Spring (long after the football playoffs are over), but based on recent legislation, that's all we can really do."

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    DarterBlue2 reacted to KeemD321 in New "Open Division" proposal   
    Open division will be 5 rounds as well. First 2 rounds are round robin, round 3 is the elimination round, with the winner of the first 2 rounds having a bye round 3, round 4 is semifinal round and round 5 is the State title game
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    DarterBlue2 got a reaction from THAT S--T WAS FUNNY in New "Open Division" proposal   
    Some divisions will be watered down significantly. Some may lose, at the most, one team. As long as this new development is transfer neutral, I don't think, overall, that the division state title games will be any more watered down than what we recently saw in the Suburban/Metro classification. In fact, the state title games may well be at least as competitive as the last two years were. 
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to nolebull813 in spring game scores?   
    I think the QB might be from Tarpon and I’m only basing that on the fact he has a Greek last name. Lol
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Wavebb in spring game scores?   
    Carter Smith could be playing MLB next year but opted for football.  As a sophomore pitcher, he was clocked over 90mph+ with his fastball.  Here in Lee County, we have plenty of great athletes.  Most people think of Deion, Jevon Kearse, Jammi German, Earnest Graham and Sammy Watkins etc.  But the area is full of talent, however, most don't end up at the same school.  
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Wavebb in spring game scores?   
    Three team jamboree at Bishop Verot Catholic High School, Fort Myers:  Verot 34 Columbus 21. ( Verot went up 27-0 to start).  Sarasota Riverview 14 Columbus 6.  Verot 21 Riverview 10.  Vikings qb, Carter Smith, is unreal.  All games were for a half.
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Ray Icaza in OSCEOLA - EDGEWATER - DELAND JAMBOREE   
    They managed to move the ball fairly well against both teams as the QB made good decisions with his feet and his arm but errors cost them.  In the Edgewater game with the score 7-0 Deland moved the ball right down the field and the QB hit a wide open receiver in stride from about 20 yards out and he dropped it for which should have been a sure score.  They had some other miscues against both teams that would have probably put points on the board, just wasn't their night. I think our defense has a chance to be extremely good again this year despite losing a half dozen very good players to area teams like Jones, DP, The First Academy and even Poinciana.  We did manage an excellent transfer from St. Cloud HS that will be a great addition to our O-line, 6'6" 290 lbs. Connor Howes who is eligible starting on June 1.   Wouldn't read too much into the scores as this was a Jamboree and the work over the next 3 months will tell the story.  
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in 2024 football schedules   
    The hype and crowd attendance for the west is going to be insane this year. The talent that’s on the roster.
    Bridgewater as the head coach. The media coverage is going to be out of this world each and every week. 
    I see the west going 9-1 maybe undefeated this year. But you can never underestimate the rockets so that’ll be a must see matchup like always. 2024 is going to be a great season for high school football in Florida I can you tell that much. 
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to THAT S--T WAS FUNNY in spring game scores?   
    NOW THAT S--T WAS FUNNY!!!!!!!!
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to Jullian in spring game scores?   
    Don’t throw in the towel yet Columbus, rumor has it, off the street, not from the administration or coaches, that Central & Chaminade are holding a recruiting seminar , of course for pay. Topics like 1) How to recruit the Nation & make it look like “your team was sought out”. 2) How to get over 20 transfers without the FHSAA questioning it. 3) How to reach over to Naples & other out of countyFlorida non powers & snatch their best players for the betterment of high school football. Etc……
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    DarterBlue2 reacted to ExplorerHomer2 in spring game scores?   
    I cold be wrong, but I'm thinking there's no way this team competes with Good Counsel, MNW or STA this year.  At least right now. So that's three losses right there.  Throw in South Dade or Miami Palmetto who always plays us tough - it's not hard to see 4 losses on the season right now before playoffs. But it's early.
    On the positive side, we do have a stud receiver returning in Bryce Fitzgerald, I just hope we can settle in on a QB to get him the ball. Young kid from Palm Beach transferred in this spring looking for a starting QB job, but he was the least impressive of the 4 I saw. We have 1 or 2 notable playmakers on defense (including Fitzgerald who plays DB too) - but we graduated 8 starters (3 playing D1 next year) and our best returning player Chavez was out injured - and they are moving him to a receiver/slot back position anyway, so let's see if that opens things up for 4* Fitzgerald at WR. We just have limited playmakers and smaller OLine than we have had in a while.
    The coaches always do well with what we have, so I should be careful not to overstate how much of a rebuilding year this is - but when you lose your Dade County player of the year QB and the majority of an impressive defense, I need to be realistic. If you watched it, you'd feel similar. I do feel a bit better after reading BV's QB Carter Smith is apparently the #1 rated QB in the state. That explains why he torched our young guys so badly with 27 straight points before the boys had an answer. But it's clear we had some real inconsistencies on offense. I'm hoping with time and the selection of a starter, things will settle down there.
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