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  1. sun lake is the #1 team in pasco according to www.pascocountyfb.com http://www.pascocountyfb.com
  2. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/hometeam/ap-high-school-football-poll-preseason/2289919 nvm
  3. where is the thread with all the fall classic opponents and times>?
  4. http://www.lazindex.com/fhsaa.php
  5. that's fresh! my kids don't want to wear anything that is not a "revo-speed"
  6. When was King ever good, the 80's? we used to beat them when I coached at Brandon
  7. he means they knew Central wasn't playing games no more
  8. tampa1

    RD Video

    he wasn't at the Glazers last year and I am starting to think nike coy is better
  9. the only other school is Wharton yes Hillsborough has fallen way off. It is a result of them not bringing in the elite athletes This started when Middleton was built but has more to do with the satellite school and the rise of TBT last year they lost to King and Blake.................
  10. they do play Plant but the also play BLOOMINGDALE understand @Manatee (Bradenton, FL) @ Plant City (Plant City, FL) Bloomingdale (Valrico, FL) Chamberlain (Tampa, FL) @ Plant (Tampa, FL) @ Blake (Tampa, FL) Tampa Bay Tech (Tampa, FL) @ Brandon (Brandon, FL) King (Tampa, FL) Hillsborough (Tampa, FL) @ Sickles (Tampa, FL)
  11. awesome to know, will look forward to it. will it have honorable mention as well?
  12. tampa1

    RD Video

    where is this clinic at?
  13. of course , strength of schedule! but it is the best indicator one week before the real kick off I agree
  14. you will loose your hommer status if you don't pick the panthers
  15. Yea that is you. but some people look at it differently. a classic is not a good indicator of success just like NFL pre-season can be very vinilla
  16. that might be but it's what we got....
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