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  1. 5A-8A Yes, 1A-4A No. Finding 10 games for a tough 1A-4A team is hard. Trinity Christian just barely got into the playoffs with one of the toughest schedules I've seen. Why not make 1A-4A like the upper classes? Give an incentive to win a district, also allows teams to play teams in similar size.
  2. Before the first game has kicked off, two coaches are already out a job. Anyone know the scoop? Hate to see that for the kids.
  3. Dixie County coach went to GA and Strawberry Crest just opened up according to footballscoop.
  4. Isn't HC Andrew Thomas from Dixie County? DC's HC just left for a Georgia job, any chance he would go back home?
  5. PickSix

    Dixie County

    Saw on footballscoop that Dixie County's coach is leaving for a Georgia assistant position. Haven't seen anything else. This late in the game I would assume they are just hiring within?
  6. Isn't OTC getting a lot of kids this off-season (transfer season). It would be hard for y'all to suit up a team if they had to sit out a year!
  7. Basically they have created their own district with a championship game on week 11? Similar to other teams making "conferences" and declaring a winner with 1A-4A teams. FHSAA stated majority of 1A-4A we're in favor of NOT having districts so they had more freedom, but basically these teams are doing the same thing in hopes of winning their "conference" (district). 5A-8A is good, why is that such a problem for 1A-4A? Winning a district is a goal before of course winning the ultimate goal - State.
  8. Coaches - do your schools pay for you to attend coaching Clinics? Hotel? Do they give you "line of duty" days, do you pay out of pocket or do your boosters help with cost? Just getting a general idea how certain schools/counties do it. We constantly have to attend teaching strategies, avid strategies, etc. to further our teaching careers. I just don't understand why some counties wouldn't want their coaches to be up to par with strategies, injury prevention, etc.
  9. Everyone keeps talking about districts. What about 1A-4A. Booker T (4a) lost to 6a power House Central and 8a Christopher Columbus and is considered a 3 seed which means they're on the road the whole time. This system punishes good 1A-4A teams and helps dingleberries!
  10. PickSix

    Transfers 2017

  11. Didn't Leto just get a new coach? I thought they got the Eustis HC?
  12. Jones high school is attracting a lot of talent from surrounding schools with the studs they already had. Moved from 4a to 5a... Making a lot of 5a teams nervous. Lost 2nd round last year to Cocoa my a TD.
  13. Brantley out at Belleview. Took a big insurance job.
  14. 6-4 East Ridge... is IMG paying these schools?
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