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  1. nona, liberty wins boone loses(which is a good 90% chance) south lake wins(puts them up a category and gives liberty more points) nona will lose to weikiva
  2. boone shouldnt beat edgewater, but stranger things have happend in the battle of the barrell. south lake should beat east ridge, i think south lake has to win to make it (off the top of my head).
  3. re-donkulious.... lake nona and liberty both tied in 7a at 37.2 points. liberty with 7-2 record, will win their last game vs cat 4 team and go 8-2, will get 35 points for the win lake nona with a 6-3 record, will lose their last game vs cat 1 team and go 6-4, will get 38 points for the loss. lake nona will make the playoffs, despite liberty beating them 62-28 in the regular season.... just another way the points system is failing..... anyone can lose a game, vs a power house or on any friday vs a cat 4 team. its high school kids were talking about, 1 may have a poopy stomach and cant run the ball, the other may be because of injuries.... shouldnt get more points for a loss, than any win. have said this to many a folk, what happens when a team has a small district, the 3 other teams are as solid as possible and all end up with similar 8-2,9-1,10-0 records. but team d in the equation loses to all 3, plus the other 6 studs it scheduled... 0-10, 38 points for each loss, avg 38 points in the system they will make it in, bottom line is, losses should not count for more than wins, period. doesnt matter who they are too.
  4. seriously? over half the team left to the "other school close by" more than half the coaches are there too. including 2015 metro football coach of the year that was let go by said school. interesting to think that the captain of that ship could lead them to any wins much less be better than you think.....
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