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  1. Vero's defense played like that against Chaminade because Chaminade's offense last year was one dimensional. Every one of those teams you mentioned would probably put a running clock on Vero other than maybe Gibbons.
  2. How exactly did you come to this conclusion after watching them versus Deerfield?
  3. My buddies at LWR would NOT schedule IMG's main team. They're expecting a decent season, as things are improving greatly around there, but they know they're not ready for THAT type of challenge.
  4. Unfortunately some of the best, most detailed coaches are currently at programs that don't have the athletes to compete for States. Some of the programs you see competing for States don't have the greatest coaches on their staff, they have great recruiters. They bring in enough kids every year to compete at a high level. As far as creativity in scheme is concerned...I don't necessarily agree with that. I saw some of everything this playoff season. Spread RPO offenses, power running schemes, Odd front defenses, Even front defenses, Cover-4 schemes, Cover-3 schemes, etc. Football is a fad sport anyway. Every few years some new scheme becomes hot and everybody wants to run it. We've seen it in college and the NFL. The schemes are even less diverse on those levels than they are on High School.
  5. Thank you. Yall are a class act program and wish yall nothing but the best. By far the hardest offense I've had to prepare for all year in terms of scheme.
  6. Playing in Vero was an incredible experience and their Head Coach is a class act. 35-7 may seem like a walk in the park but Vero is NOT an easy team to prepare for or coach against, they made our defensive staff use their brains. Deerfield is just firing on all cylinders right now and the kids are playing with their hair on fire. Best of luck to Vero Beach going forward.
  7. The offensive PI call was legit. He pushed the Deerfield Beach Cornerback to gain separation. You can see it clear as day on the youtube broadcast. There were plenty of calls going both ways.
  8. That's not entirely true. Skill wise, Deerfield has seen similar or better offenses. (they completely shut down 4-star Bryan Robinson last week and held STA to their lowest point/yardage total of the season) However, IMO Vero's offense is coached better than any offense Deerfield has seen this season and they do a great job of getting Dawson the ball in space. Deerfield better be ready to tackle.
  9. Western's defense actually played great versus STA. Only gave up 17 points I believe, and that was playing beside an offense that turned the ball over 7 times. I don't see anybody scoring 30 points on their defense. This will be a much lower scoring game than 41-30 in my opinion.
  10. This game will come down to 2 things... 1. Can Vero's defense keep Deerfield's loaded offense from scoring? 2. Can Deerfield's defense contain Jermaine Dawson and Vero's well-oiled offense? On Friday they held PBC's Bryan Robinson to 3 catches for roughly 17 yards and completely shut down Central's offense after their opening drive. And with FIVE Power-5 recruits starting on Deerfield's offense it's always a difficult task to contain them for 4 whole quarters. DB is firing on all cylinders right now. Vero looks very tough and well-coached though. It should be a good game.
  11. Chaminade doesn't have FIVE P5 skill kids starting on offense + TWO P5 skill kids on the bench. DB's BACK-UP Quarterback is D1, their back-up RB and a 2nd string WR.
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