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  1. The officiating was a Vero player ejection for allegedly throwing a punch, which sports writer said was not so, and 2 pass interference calls ,one was a offensive , not sure if that would have made a difference anyway
  2. There is a reason why Vero is ranked 2nd in the 8a rpi with .756 and Deerfield is 18th with .615 rpi
  3. I bet you had Chaminade too, oh yeah and Viera and Atlantic and probably treasure coast
  4. Deerfield defense gonna have there hands full now!! Let’s go!
  5. Also, where was the self proclaimed “big dog” , Waylon Moore at Friday night? Was looking forward to seeing him on the field after all the media attention this week.
  6. Watch the replay on YouTube, it was the first kickoff after halftime, he may have just cost Vero a chance at state
  7. Is #5 for Vero eligible to play next week against Deerfield since he was ejected?
  8. The reason why treasure coast had a chance was the running back for Vero,#6 only played half the game due to severe cramps.
  9. Alright 2 years ago then, either way having another chance at dp is sweet
  10. Osceola and treasure coast both had only a running game and it showed late in the season as coaches realized that also. If dr Phillips is going to have a chance against Vero it will need to hurry the QB and if they didn’t do that with centennial then they can forget it with Vero. Vero run defense may night stuff every play , but they can hold there own when they need to. Dr Phillips beat Vero last year because that quarterback was an amazing division 1 player. He is gone now just like there chance at a win in Vero Beach on Friday night. Let’s get it!!!!!!
  11. Can’t wait for treasure coast titans to come back to the Kowboys house and end this fantasy
  12. I’m confused too, how is Wekiva predicted to win states when they lost to a eighth ranked playoff team named west orange. And they have to play them again in first round! Upset coming for a couple of people
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