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  1. Well we gone see what yall do against AHP week 1. If yall can't hang with them then yall definitely in trouble against us. Our team this yr is super loaded at every position. Us and St Thomas looking to go unbeaten this season.
  2. I never said I had no say Im just a big Miami Northwestern fan and I want to see this rematch happens so the bulls can avenge the 2001 loss.
  3. Well I just want Apopka's AD to contact MNW AD about a possible home and away agreement over the next two years. That way this game can finally happen. MNW vs APK rematch of the century.
  4. Well how soon do think they can get and accepted agreement for somewhere like 2021 season or 2022 season cause this game needs to happen.
  5. Yep we will play american heritage in rd 3 of the playoffs to advance to our 4th straight state semi final. Yall have talent for sure but yall players didn't close the deal last season at state. So like I said with the loaded team we have we will take it to yall in 2021 or 2022.
  6. Just set up the rematch and da west will smashed them worse then they beat us back then.
  7. If apopka play da west right now they would get smashed.
  8. They should add Apopka vs Miami Northwestern to that list.
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