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  1. Robert lee high plays Miami Northwestern this yr.
  2. Well I guess Dillard trying to go 3rd times a charm huh but only to get the same result.
  3. Is it finalized now cause we're at the end of march now. I see Da west playing South Dade in the spring game.
  4. I hope spring game is Miami Northwestern.
  5. I wonder who Apopka playing in the spring game.
  6. Apk vs Mnw 407 vs 305 2021 rematch lets make it happen.
  7. Thats cool I wouldn't mind them getting of few games played before they face off as long as they get this game played.
  8. You're right they should make it week 1 of the regular season.
  9. Well if things stay clear of covid I hope Apopka plays Miami Northwestern in the spring game.
  10. Miami Central vs Miami Northwestern 2020. Who ya'll got in this one and whats you prediction.
  11. Exactly so they need to go ahead and announce the season opener and start playing games.
  12. I can't wait to see what the 2020 football schedule gone look like.
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