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  1. Some posters on here care more about state championships and making playoffs then the kids at these schools that are getting killed. Relegation, independent leagues, or freedom of scheduling with no districts is all that’s needed for them. Pick 1. All the same result. The kids that stay behind at these bottom barrel schools while their friends transfer just want to play football, have that experience, and compete or they would have transferred as well. Let them freely play other “bad” teams. Not everyone grows to be a D1 athlete. Doesn’t mean they don’t have undersized kids who can play and just enjoy the sport. Scores will be closer and they will have fun. They are kids. That’s all they care about. 10 competitive games. Some years they win and some they don’t.
  2. 11 man won’t work in South Florida. Kids will transfer more then they do already. Also, some of the schools mentioned like Northeast and Taravella have 3000 kids, JV programs and 30-40 man varsity rosters. They don’t 8 man football. They need freedom of scheduling. It’s already been discussed with a few of them going independent and creating a “league”. Just play each other and save week 9 and 10 for playoffs. That is what SSAC and others do. As for the smaller schools, a bunch of teams went independent years ago and only came back because FHSAA told them they could make their own schedule and no districts 1A-4A. With the new metro class, these smaller schools in South Florida will start going independent again now that they are forced into districts. Some already have. Independent teams are allowed to form their own conferences and have a championship. They are still FHSAA members. SSAC teams are still FHSAA as their are more sports then football at these schools. They are also trying to expand South. The FHSAA will see these teams all leave over next year or so, realize the bad optics, and change something like they did last time.
  3. The referee scrimmage was also only 2 quarters. It’s a non factor. Can’t really argue with that top 10 though. I think 3-5 you could flip anywhere you want. The same with 6-10 and have an argument.
  4. I don’t think 1 player makes Stranahan a title contender, but when comparing to Monarch and those types I think they are better. I mentioned the coordinator. It wasn’t really about Dillard as much as it was I don’t think the other school is going to fall apart because a coordinator left.
  5. 2018 was a few seasons ago. I think most people would say western has been a better team or more steady program recently. I could be wrong though. The people I talk to would agree though with what Coach Rack has been doing over there. I do think Dillard should be better this year though. I just can’t put them higher in a preseason ranking yet though. It’s like what you always have said about Deerfield going into past seasons when they use to get a thousand transfers. Have to prove it and they never could in playoffs. Let’s see if it’s different for Dillard. You guys should be sick though and expect better results.
  6. Recent history says those teams are better. All the top teams have gotten transfers. I don’t take stock in getting a coordinator . Western has solid coaching still. Everyone would have said those teams ere better then Dillard at the end of last season. Now, I’m not saying they are better then you right now or that you wouldn’t beat them, but you have to beat the man to be the man. At the end of the season, you should be better based on what we THINK we know.
  7. Norland has gotten Champagnat’s starting QB from last season and several other transfers. They will be good. I expect Dillard to be really good, but I couldn’t start them above Western or Heritage Plantation. Show me (they should). I don’t know about the rest of the team, Stranahan has 1 of the best players in the country. They should be better then Monarch.
  8. I have no 1st hand knowledge of Gibbons just people who are around HS sports that I talk to. Gibbons has definitely lost a few guys that seem like starters, but from what I have heard majority were rotational or backups. The major problem I hear will be line depth in future. They fully expect to compete again though. I know they just had a 6’5 OT transfer in from heritage-Delray also Deerfield starting QB from last year transferred in. He was young and pretty good. If he is willing to go from starter to backup he must see them as having a future and waiting it out.
  9. Deerfield still has a bunch of kids. Just going to be younger this season. They have had some guys transfer in like 2 different QBs just no big time guys. They won’t be what they have been, but this isn’t a Hallandale situation like last season. I feel bad for all these skill position players transferring to Dillard or some that were already there. Whoever is telling them to go to Dillard is messing them up. The top guys will be ok, but won’t be enough playing time for all these guys. Their roster of skills is going to be huge. That’s why Gibbons started losing so many players this season. Most were backups who went there thinking they would shine on a championship team and then saw no time.
  10. Taravella literally has lost all its top talent from a team that was already 0-10. OT to Monarch, DE to Westminster , DT to Heritage Plantation, WR to Flanagan as well as other guys minor guys leaving. HC is or was leaving for Out if State job and they didn’t even play a spring game with all this going on. If it’s true they are still playing an OOS team I question who made that call.
  11. Larry Blustein just put an article up of South Florida Transfers. It’s incomplete as a bunch of minor guys I’ve heard of are missing, but it is probably the best list your going to find. Shows the Park Vista guys. Park Vista coach was let go and families weren’t happy it seemed from reports, so not surprising they left. Monarch isn’t exactly around the corner for them though.
  12. Monarch has gotten double digit transfers this year. 5-6 from Park Vista alone and then 4-5 the past week from other schools on top of a bunch others from before spring until now from around the county. They got a bunch before last season as well.
  13. Not just Central Florida or Riddell. Multiple teams in S. Florida started spring without helmets or shoulders pads from Schutt. Helmets have been delivered the last couple days, but still waiting on shoulder pads.
  14. Probably my favorite district. 1M-6 -Chaminade -St. John Paul 0-8 last year -Somerset Key who folded the program last 2 years because not enough guys -Avant Garde: trying to recruit, but come on. -Westminster Academy who just came back from independent a few years ago because of promise of no districts. Going to be a real grind for Chaminade. None of those games will be within 40. IF Somerset fields a team, that is the type of game kids get hurt in.
  15. About 33 Public high schools in Broward, lowest population 1200. Most around 2500 kids. Western has 4,000 and Cypress Bay 5,000. That’s why Texas schools are so large. Imagine if you just cut a few schools from the county how large they would be. That isn’t even counting small charters or private schools that make all the 2A to 4A schools in Broward.
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