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  1. As you post that, Dillard gets a transfer QB from Cardinal Newman in ‘25 QB Davi Belfort
  2. It’s a horrible idea, but coaches don’t care about the outcome. This is for recruiting purposes only. 4 schools in Coral Springs. They are trying to get every athlete with talent in Springs to start there or transfer in. They are using social media and hype to do it pretty well. I mean some kids on that roster are even coming from outside of springs last couple years because they believe what social media tells them. I don’t know how coaches convinced admin to roll that far to get blown out though.
  3. The short Covid year messed with scheduling a bit, but Dillards out of district should be a little tougher next year. Typically BCAA in Broward takes the 33ish member schools and puts them in tiers based on previous years record. They use those tiers to make your out of district schedule to make sure games are competitive. The exception would be if you hold a game for a rivalry (Dillard/ELY) or blackout a week to travel and play an out of county/state team. That of course doesn’t account for a mass summer exodus like Hallandale or a team having an off year.
  4. They were horrible this year agreed, but the problem is they switch coaching staffs every year and this guys already came in late as they offered the job to someone else last year 1st who was alumni, but then refused to get him a job on campus. Need to let someone stick it through a couple rough years and build relationships. Won’t be an overnight fix.
  5. Off the top if my head, I can’t name the teams, but a couple HS games were played at the new stadium this season.
  6. Most of the teams in Miami don’t even want it from what I hear. Seems I was wrong at 1st they do keep games as even as possible outside top 8. I hear more complaints from coaches about it though then I do good things. I guess it’s the being forced to hold games for it instead of schedule who you want at end of season to get ready for playoffs or send your kids off with a game you want.
  7. A lot of blowouts last night. Miami Killian up 49-0 over St. Brendans at half and St. Brenden’s forfeited at half. Could have been just as bad. A smaller program like St. Brendans loses 2-4 kids to transfer. Really hurts. Then Killian brings in like 20 transfers. It’s just not a good scenario.
  8. If in South Florida just assume it was cancelled last night. Most being made up tonight and Monday night.
  9. In South Florida coaches are told it’s recruiting if they talk up football to students visiting from 8th grade even if a feeder Because they aren’t enrolled at your school yet and it’s recruiting for athletics. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but that’s the message. It’s just a small thing, but it creates a bigger divide between different types of schools when added to other things.
  10. Impossible to stop kids from talking to other kids or guys just wanting to transfer to bigger programs/winning problems. What they need to crack down on are specific things that coaches do 1. If being paid or a volunteer coach, you can not be part of an all star 7s team. Do one with your own team. 2. You can not run a sports based summer college tour like a side business and take kids from other schools. 3. You can not follow players from other teams on social media. A few do it for the right reasons. Most do it to plant the seed even if they never say a word. Public schools are just as guilty for all the above #4 more private 4. Stop allowing private schools to hold clinics and showcases on campus. Public schools are told that if they even mention their sports program to 8th grade visitors it’s a violation. I don’t even know if these are enforceable in anyway, but they seem to be the most common forms of recruiting that lead to transfers that I see outside of kids just talking to each other.
  11. From what I hear it’s ego and wanting to be too involved. Telling coaches who they have to start and play even if a kid is being disciplined for something. I’ve heard kids have been suspended and he walked them right on the field in uniform game day and told coaches they have to put them in. Also, firing coaches if they start to get too popular in the school and community. Not wanting to give head coaches on campus jobs for the same reason. It is his program and his school. He has to be the man and have the power type stuff. This is just what I hear from the couple alumni and former coaches there I know. They all are waiting for him to retire.
  12. I think they could have ran nothing, but dives with 3rd string players and scored 60. I seen some highlights. ELY looked tiny. Dline looked JV small. That principal has to retire. No coaches want to deal with him and the players all scatter after every change.
  13. The 35 pt. Running clock doesn’t kick in until the 2nd half.
  14. Sunsentinal has the story. It basically a little bit of truth by both coaches. Head of BCAA confirmed it. Kid had symptoms in school today and nurse wrote it up. Played in game. BCAA was alerted. Talked to both admins. Dillard admins didn’t feel comfortable. Deerfield admins agreed and they ended the game. So, the only thing really to figure out is did Deerfield know before the game. If they did are they really in the wrong because only have to quarantine team if a player tests positive. Probably shouldn’t have played him, but that isn’t the same as breaking rules.
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