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  1. Just bought my tickets to the Bartram v. Riverside High this Friday. Can't wait for football....
  2. Bartram vs. Lee (Riverside High) will be the game that I go to. Haven't been to The Backyard in about 30 years....
  3. On the QB side, your guess is as good as mine. I saw the same spring game you did and can't really tell what they are going to do for the fall. We are not as settled there as we usually are. Haven't had a chance to see much of the other SJC teams. Creekside is 8A this year so we will see how they handle that change. Plummer, their QB from last year did transfer so not sure who they have behind them. They are usually a scrappy team that will win games you don't expect them to.
  4. I'll throw my vote towards the Bartram Trail only because I'm a homer. In all seriousness, BT has a good defense this year. They showed well at the FCA camp over the weekend (so I hear). Offense needs some help. We are a little green at QB. I hope we can compete and make a decent playoff run this year. Getting past Seminole is going to be tough though....
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