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    • Will trinity catholic be live streaming the game against Jax tca?
    • He is also a class act! 
    • For Poinciana sake 14-56 as of today, one more game to go this season wednesday.  Of the 14 wins 7  (7-12) compared to (7-44) have been in the last 2 seasons. We are working on turning this program around finally and beginning to make progress. We lost at least 2 games that we should have won this year. No excuses! Classifications have been unfair to Poinciana due to the criteria based solely on total student body number. Which I understand. But as we know it is not a true representation of our populous.  Poinciana Is now and will be in the foreseeable future independent. We had this done a few years ago, but the AD who thought he knew everything, felt that Poinciana should compete in districts. So he put us back. We left a very bad 5a team and were reclassified as a very bad 7a team. Go figure! Our goal is to finally get Poinciana to be reasonably competitive at first, then we will rethink district play down the road. Why be in a district where there is no chance of winning a game or two, or even being competitive.  Being independent gives us total control of our schedule. We have scheduled like teams for the first time next year. Hopefully the results will be better. If not wins, just being competitive help a lot. This is a work in progress. It took 25 years to get this bad, wont get better over night. Especially with school of choice, why would someone choose Poinciana?  We have to win before they will come.  Hopefully I can update this wednesday night with 8 wins in the last 2 years!
    • Venice vs Aquinas is going to be a great game. I expect it to be Edgewater vs Aquinas in the finals again, I think whoever wins between Venice-STA and Edgewater-Mitchell will represent the north and south brackets in 7A respectively.
    • Good point.  IF Niceville can get by Fleming Island, they are 16-7 in the playoffs at home since 2000.  5 of those 7 losses were by a TD or less, and of those 5, 3 were by 1 point.  An undefeated Niceville team at home in the playoffs is likely going to give anyone a tough battle.    
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