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    • Not being a teacher or coach, just a fan, i have noticed that coaching changes in high school football are not a rare occurrence. I follow the Orlando area because I live here and my grandsons play football here, one in a private school and the other in a public school. Most of the changes I see happen with schools that are not having great success or where there are extenuating circumstances. One extreme example here in Orlando is West Orange HS where I believe there have been 4 head football coaches this year' but that's extreme. As a booster, I agree that booster organizations should be able to supplement a coach's salary. It is a year round sport and requires a dedicated individual who loves the sport and working with the kids. For many kids, these coaches serve as a role model, many times being the only adult male with an important role in their lives. I think this is just as important as winning football games. These coaches also are a kids best chance for a potential football scholarship and a college education; they connect with college coaches and recruiters. I think most parents and boosters would be more than willing to help with the coaches' compensation, but I believe you would run into obstacles with non-coaching teachers objecting to any such help. With over 30 years as a Florida resident, in several areas of this state, I have yet to see a teachers group that I feel would endorse this without complaining about teachers being underpaid. 
    • Not sure whether I should be surprised or not by that move
    • I expect the three Orlando area schools (Apopka, Edgewater, and Jones) will have large crowds at the games this weekend. Jones postponed a basketball game that would have prevented some folks from attending the state championship game. Daytona is only a 45 minute ride up I-4 from Orlando.
    • I believe that classes are supposed to be determined by student population, at last in 5A thru 8A. 1A thru 4A may have different rules. I don't think being a private or public school plays into that. 
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