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    • Wow with how bad traffic is on Atlanta in perfect weather I'm not surprised that snow causes issues but looking at that it must not be common Enough they would be used to it   And no I've lived in Lake City all my life so of course I've never had to manage a snow issue since this area never gets it
    • You obviously have never lived in a place that has snow. You also have never lived in a place that if gets snow that it is ill-prepared to handle it. Should there be a back-up, sure. The games were moved back to the home sites of schools instead of the Dome in Atlanta, sounds like a back-up plan to me. The problem was how late they waited to cancel, not that the games were never played or did not have another location.

      See picture to understand, everybody from Atlanta's fears of snow.
    • Snow in Atlanta doesn't always cause trouble but it does snow in Atlanta occasionally so it is something that should be prepared for   As well as the multi use of that facility    Both are valuable reasons for having a plan B in place
    • Yes but you mean to tell me these organizations don't usually have a cotendency plan in place if shit hits the fan?   It only makes logical sense to have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong so the GHSAA deserves blame for not being prepared in their case
    • Apples and Oranges... 
      State Championships and weather that affect the whole state, specifically snow in a southern state, is not the same as making a deadline for schedules. Additionally, you are dealing with a stadium that has numerous uses than just a high school football state championship. Meanwhile, softball state championships, nobody else is using those fields.

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