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    • No problem, and you will find a lot of great perspectives on this message board Silver King.
    • Schools can afford to temperature check each player before every practice and game. All you need are a couple of the no-contact thermometers. If a player exceeds a pre-determined temperature, he sits. If┬áhe exhibits other symptoms, test the kid and have him sit out until he gets his results back. If he has covit-19, he quarantines until he tests negative. Same procedure for coaches. These kids have been playing football with each other since this virus shut down the schools; the shutdown only gave them more time to socialize and practice together, and they weren't being tested. If you shut football down, these kids will still play without supervision.
    • There are businesses all over this country that temperature check their employees each day before they can go to work. They require the employees to use hand sanitizer frequently and they practice social distancing in their establishments. Schools can do the same in the classroom, including requiring masks at all times. They can even put a plastic shield on each teacher's desk.if the kids are going to contract the virus, it will most likely be in the classroom from another kid that may be asymptomatic. Football players have been practicing in groups without coaches since schools were closed in March. They have not been wearing masks or practicing social distancing. They have been playing informal 7v7 games against other groups, all without adult supervision, and still we haven't heard of any serious outbreaks among teenagers. With supervised practices and games, adults can assure that players on the sidelines social distance and wear masks if deemed necessary. They don't need fans in the stands, but if limited to immediate family members, social distancing in the stands would not be difficult. These kids are going to play football this Fall; it can be organized and controlled by adults or they'll play pickup games among themselves, but they're going to play. If our government leaders and politicians can justify thousands of people protesting in the streets, shouting and spraying fluids all over the place, they can surely figure a way for 22 teenagers to play a game of football on a 40 by 100 yard football field. Take the politics out of this and let the kids play.
    • Wait there has actually been North Florida teams throwing TDs in a state championship? Must have been before I was born because for as long as I can remember whenever a North team makes the finals it usually ends with a SFL team steamrolling them lol
    • Too bad we don't have anyone on the forum from north FL.
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