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    • I'm saying that a game SHOULDN"T BE DECIDED THAT WAY!!!!!!! If the kid stepped on the officials feelings, pull that kid to the side and let him know what is expected of him and the sportsmanship that he should display, BUT you DO NOT call a technical foul!!!! What that ref did was punish a whole team, high school, and city for one INNAPPROPRIATE action!!!! It would've been easier to let the game play out and talk to the kid after the horn, I bet the kid would've heard him, now the kid will look at the officials as villains for the rest of his life!!! 
    • Do they intentionally misspell words and use bad grammar on text messages because the fools reading them on the other side wouldn't recognize "English", or are the coaches really that dumb? STA, all abouts the edumications..... I'd fire the dude based on his poor use of English alone. 
    • Yes. Coach Harriott is a man of god and it’s more about a ministry. That is hilarious. Wasn’t Lucifer an angle at one time?  Seems like STA is more about the roster than anything else. Why do you have to be a 4⭐️ Or 5⭐️ To be in their family?  I would respect Harriott if he would just come out and say he was a fake and admit he couldn’t coach a pop warner team unless he had superior athletes. Maybe Jason Taylor will get a ring someday, if they recruit hard enough. The worst one of them all is coach Smith. People actually look at him as a good coach. He’s not a good coach. He’s a good cheater that recruited top rosters throughout his career to win championships. STA and their coaches should not be celebrated. 
    • The following 4 counties have not hosted an FHSAA state title game: Lee Osceola Pasco Sarasota
    • Man I had that exact same coach stop me at an all star game to talk about a kid.  He thought I was his father.  Gave me this big speech on family, role models, and it being bigger than football.  Brought up that he saw that I knew Jason Taylor and that he was on staff and Jason would love to have the player as an end.  Then I told him I am the DC at JIL and he plays for me.  He promptly apologized.
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