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    • Personally, I would have more respect for a kid who stays with his team and the guys he went to battle with all last season (and perhaps even grew up with) than a kid who leaves his teammates behind in search of a gold medallion.  I saw this kid play once last year.   I was impressed.  I was also impressed with Riverview's coaching staff.  But I also know this kid fits the prototype QB that Venice likes to have:  height, good mobility and a strong arm.  I really don't know how Venice's head coach and/or QB coach compares to Riverview's head coach and/or QB coach.  And, when you think about it, it would really be impossible for a kid (or his parent) to be able to compare the two unless he's been talking to someone he shouldn't be talking to.  But, if I'm a college coach, here's what I just learned about the kid:  he has just demonstrated a willingness to pack and go where the grass appears to be greener.  If it comes down to offering this kid or offering another kid, all things being equal, I'm going to go with the kid who has demonstrated more loyalty.   The Kyle Trask kind of kid.  Not the kid that's going to enter the portal because he sees something that looks a little prettier walking down the halls of some other school. Look, I totally get it when a high school kid sees the depth chart and realizes that he's never going to beat out the starting QB and knows he has the talent to get a scholarship if he can only show his ability on the field.   I understand it when that kid transfers.   But this kid was already the starting QB and he was playing for a team that had success last year and likely will have success this year.    Not throwing shade on anyone (especially anyone on this board), but now I'm kind of hoping that Riverview and Venice end up playing each other in the playoffs and that Riverview gets the W. 
    • As for Osceola, the only 7A team that has shown any type of success versus STA is Lakeland not Venice.  And we had to consistently try to get by them before we had a crack at STA in the finals.  The past is the past and yes we like our chances better in 8A just like Venice does.
    • How old are you? Is Venice a better program today? Yes they But you need to do some research and get a little more educated when using the "Tradition" word. I promise you this isn't Tampa Riverview.
    • Yes, it has. And Venice has been Exhibit A for that. But the 2000 team had a very difficult path to the 5A title game, overcame the obstacles it faced, and blew out the opponent in dominating fashion at Florida Field. By those standards, that was a very good high school team that would have been in the mix anytime between 1996 and 2006. For you to essentially malign them seems unfair from where I stand.  I respect what Venice has on its roster this year. However, I think they will be tested severely on their path to state. If they win the whole thing, more power to them. But I am quite sure it will not be a romp. 
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