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    • I'm not talking about a bunch of 1A schools being beat on by Madison County. The mismatches have been 8A teams playing in Central Florida (Orange and Seminole Counties). These schools have student populations of 4000+. If a coaching staff can't pull together a reasonably competitive team from that size student population, they are probably coaching the wrong sport. Good teams will get blown out occasionally, whether it be because of a off day, maybe too many turnovers, or just a better opponent that day. I'm sorry, but I'm old school. The running clock to my generation is like throwing in the towel. When the game gets that far out of hand, the opposing coaches should agree to put in the subs and let them finish the game. That way, the losing team can still leave at the end of the game with some pride.
    • That’s why I hate with a passion when teams intentionally schedule mismatch games. It’s bad for the starters because they don’t play after halftime. It’s bad for the fans because they most likely leave at halftime of a useless blowout, thus getting screwed out of half the game. And it’s bad for the losers because the coach set his team up for an impossible task, only to be humiliated by a superior opponent. It’s embarrassing and irresponsible to send a team out for slaughter. 
    • The running clock is for the safety of the players. Most of the time, the Head Coach of the team who is trailing is the person most encouraging of the running clock. That Coach wants to get his players out in one piece in the fastest possible time. Scheduling could and should possibly be looked at to create better and more even matchups, and districts by factors other then Geography and population of the school. That might cut down on the amount of running clocks yearly in High School Football in the state of Florida. The purpose of High School Football is for the enjoyment and participation of the players, most of whom will not go on to play the sports anymore after they graduate from High School. Not to create entertaining matchups and pique the interest of posters to a High School Football message board.  
    • I am not interested in analyzing NCAA rules or judgments from College Football officials Badbird. 
    • A parent actually filed bullying charges against a coach after their kids team lost 91-0. LMAO! You can’t make this up. That parent should lose rights for mentally abusing that kid https://www.si.com/si-wire/2013/10/22/tim-buchanan-aledo-bullying-rout
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