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    • That was me, lol.  Came back 5 minutes later thinking the issue would be resolved.  Came back 10 minutes later thinking, the problem must be on my end.  I've got to be strong, must find something else to do.  What else can I do?  I know!!!  Let me clear my browser cache.  That'll certainly do the trick.  Noooooooooo!!!!!!!  What else can I do!  I know.  Let me try a different device.  Nooooooooooo!!!!! I'll try one more time before I go to sleep.... No mas.  Didn't shed a tear but I felt funny.
    • I agree with all of these posts but I'm still trying to determine why we have so many classifications. For example - In 2019, there were 1362 games played between opponents from different classifications. That is nearly 52% of all our in-state games! As most of you know, I have been tracking these interclass games since 2003 but never have we played as many as we did this year. And the number is growing. Five years ago, we played 1091 and I was asking the same question back then. More concerning to me is that the Higher Classed school wins about 55% of the time and only 52% if we remove Independents from the equation. If there is this little difference, why have eight?  I have the breakdown which I'll soon be posting, Thanks    
    • Safety first, says DarterBlue.  After a long day, He'd rather face the hazards of driving in Florida versus the wrath of the wife.  I understand completely.  Safety First!!!
    • The credit definitely goes to the running back. That kid Staten is fast!  But Dude...you can't tell me Pk's #17 wasn't being held, that's why he couldn't attempt to make the initial tackle!
    • Predictions for Crowd Size: 1A: Madison County vs Blountstown (5000) 2A: Champagnat Catholic vs Victory Christian (400) 3A: FSU High vs  Chaminade-Madonna (1900) 4A: Bolles vs Booker T Washington (3500) 5A: Jones vs Miami Northwestern (6700) 6A: Escambia vs Miami Central (4000) 7A: STA vs Edgewater (4200) 8A: Apopka v Columbus (4500) _______________________  26,600 total
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