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    • Hornet you are correct that Seminole County has started back however there are at least two schools of the 8 in the county that had to shut down work outs due to a Covid case.    Kids and coaches will contract Covid during the season, the question is how do we handle it at the high school level?  Do we shut down the program for a week, two weeks, etc...or do we sit the kid or coach who is sick?  We need a statewide policy as to how this will work.  ALL schools should treat a positive case in each sport the same.  We all know public schools can not afford to test each kid each week or even twice a season.  What if we do it the old Pop Warner days like weight check, each team must have a book and a medical professional (Dr and/or ATC) must check each athlete daily or at a minimum before each contest for temperature, and signs of sickness.  
    • That's Awesome, Congrats Coach Sammy! Ft Myers is a great program and the pair of them built it. Charlotte's oldest and most respected rival since 1926. Ironic that Sammy and Binky played over each other for their respectve schools and ended up in a long coaching career against each other. Such great legendary games, and I can't imagine another rivalry in the state that has had as many last minute turnarounds (or double OT in a  Regional Final) as this series.   And you got to see  a half dozen as the Ball Boy! 
    • The reason they want to reopen schools this Fall is so parents can go back to work. Also, it has been almost universally agreed upon that on-line schooling has been a total disaster. My grandsons, both honor students in a Central Florida high school, have participated with on-line schooling this past semester and their opinion is "why bother if this is the best you can offer". A good percentage of students have not even participated. If they don't reopen the schools, I would rather see them defund the schools, lay off the teachers, and rebate our school taxes; not that I expect that would ever happen. Kids belong in school. The CFYFL, one of the the youth tackle football programs in Central Florida, recently completed their Spring football season (5 or 6 games per team, pus playoff game) with no reported Covid-19 infections. Maybe the FHSAA should contact them and see how they did it successfully.
    • How about coach Sammy headed to the coaches HOF.  I believe he and his Dad are the only father/son duo in. 
    • And won 3 playoff games by one point
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