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    • It is possible this wasn’t a typical high school football game.  back in those times there were “town teams”. Teams of random people who organized to make a team and would use the name where they we’re from. The YMCA would organize teams and play high schools and college teams.  
    • Sadly, I believe that this attitude that you described exists in many Police Departments across the U.S.  These public servants need to learn to keep their personal feelings and biases at the front door. Maybe there can be some kind of reform after all of these incidents recently.
    • It is Lomas Brown, arguably one of the best offensive lineman to ever come out of Florida.  He played for great coach Buddy Goins at Miami Springs High.  He ultimately went on to become a Gator Great and had a fantastic career in the NFL.  Believe it or not, that photo shows of the best lines in south FL about 40 years ago.  Miami Springs was a powerhouse back then.   Coach Goins was at Miami Spgs for many years.  He had a team in 1993 that went undefeated and gave an absolutely loaded Southridge team(who eventually won the 5A state title) it's toughest game of the playoffs.  Imagine, 5A was the largest class then and Goins dressed out less than 30 kids on his team.   
    • Who is he? Where did he play in high school? Where did he play in college? What NFL team drafted him? 
    • I think this year in general the transfer numbers statewide will be much lower than in most years however it's likely once things go back to normal things will return to what they were before because it does feel like many people out there are already looking past covid 19   Notice how everything in social media and news stations for over 2 months was about virus but as soon as the protests starting breaking out the coverage on the virus went to back burner, it does seem the media in general ran that coverage as long as they could before giving up, now protests and looting is all the news is focused on but covid isn't gone, it just isn't being treated as the same level of importance in the news anymore and it will be same way with football     People will appreciate having it back but then after a few months they will get complacent and go back to what it was before, it is what it is and it's what the game has turned into 
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