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    • CLASS 8A-REGION 2 SEMIFINAL: Apopka (6-3) at West Orange (6-3) CLASS 8A-REGION 3 SEMIFINAL: Miami Palmetto (4-1) vs. Treasure Coast (9-0) at Lawnwood Stadium CLASS 7A-REGION 1 SEMIFINAL: Niceville (9-0) vs. Buchholz (8-1) CLASS 7A-REGION 3 SEMIFINAL: Armwood (5-3) at Bloomingdale (10-0) CLASS 6A-REGION 3 SEMIFINAL: Palmetto (7-3) at Hillsborough (8-1) CLASS 5A-REGION 4 SEMIFINAL: American Heritage (Plantation) (7-2) vs. Rockledge (7-1)  CLASS 3A-REGION 1 FINAL: Florida High (10-0) at Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (9-1) CLASS 3A-REGION 3 FINAL: Berkeley Prep (6-1) Lakeland Christian (7-2) CLASS 1A-REGION 1 FINAL: Baker (11-0) at Vernon (6-1), 7:30 CT CLASS 1A-REGION 4 FINAL: Hawthorne (8-2) at Wildwood (9-1)    
    • Only a select few programs in state history have ever hit past the 600 win mark but only one has as of today hit the 700 win mark (they hit it this season) however one school is only one win away from joining the 700 win club   1. Who are all the programs to have currently hit 600 wins? 2. Who is the only program currently over 700 wins?   Bonus question: Who is the team who only needs one more victory to join the 700 win club?  
    • Since 2004, I believe there are only 7 programs that have won at least 80% of the games they played during that period AND had a winning season every year(winning more games than they lost).  I may have missed one or two.  Let's see. Who are the 7 programs? 
    • On the average HS football team, you see all levels of talent. There are the kids who are tremendous athletes that excel above others; they get the most playing time along with the other better athletes on the team. Then you have kids who aren't stars, but love playing the sport. I doubt any of the aforementioned kids are looking for an intramural football team. They want to compete and hopefully be successful. Every team also has kids of average ability who want to be part of the team because they enjoy the sport, but they may not necessarily want to play the entire game and risk getting hurt or being embarrassed because they can't perform at the highest level. There is some prestige and level of acceptance by the student body for members of the football team and for some kids, that is enough incentive to be on the team. HS football offers some very talented kids the opportunity to attend college that may not happen otherwise. I think it's the responsibility of administrators and athletic directors, as well as the FHSAA, to provide appropriate levels where teams of varying talent can compete with like teams.
    • What was the final penalty yards in the game?
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