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    • Look what I just came across. It looks like thousands of people can have access if they want it. There is an excel spreadsheet that must be filled out and it contains several fields that need to be populated. I wish I could post it here but it wouldn't copy. After looking at the spreadsheet, I can completely see where the schools can be the culprits who make the mistakes and not be thorough. Heck, some kid could be filling this out for a coach while sitting in detention after school.     Here are the excel fields that must be filled out for each game when entering a schedule. There may be more, I'm not sure.: A   HOME SCHOOL B   HOME SCHOOL CITY C   HOME SCHOOL STATE D   AWAY SCHOOL E   AWAY SCHOOL CITY F   AWAY SCHOOL STATE G   NEUTRAL (True/False) H  GAME TYPE (District /Non District) I    DATE J  TIME   These are the instructions: MaxPreps SupportFans, Athletes, Parents, & Media MembersContributions         Schedule Submissions                                          Do you have a schedule you want to see posted on MaxPreps? Please follow this link to submit your schedule to our staff. Below is an example of what the submitted schedule should contain:                       Capture__2_.JPG                                         **Please note MaxPreps will need you to provide your schedule as an excel file to ensure the file gets uploaded.                       Coaches, please remember you can enter your schedules through your coach admin account.                            How to login to your Coach/AD Admin Accounts             Enter a Schedule in Your Coach Admin               Don't have access to your team? Please request access here and our team will grant you access.                            Submit a Correction:                                         You can also submit a schedule correction by reaching out to our support team by submitting a request or calling us or 1-800-329-7324 ext. 1.                       Still having troubles with a schedule? Feel free to email us your schedule at support@maxpreps.com and we will help get that entered for you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    • Does the average fan need to know more than when some rivalry games are, some big name match-ups, their alma mater, and maybe a local team? Probably not, but it just seems so unprofessional and disorganized (on the part of FHSAA). I would also think that since the FHSAA independently does their RPI ranking system that having the schedule/games in place would make life easier for them. Of course, the games might all be submitted to the FHSAA already, but we just don't know it because they don't share it.       
    • The way that I look at things, if the game schedules for all high school football teams are posted more than a month or so before the season begins, that provides me one more subject to talk about with my good friend Perspective.  Of course this also provides Perspective with the honor and privilege of yet another subject to discuss with one of his favorite people in the whole World. yours truly, Jambun82! That seems like a very good reason to me. 
    • Wish y’all a injury free successful season bro. 
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