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    • Very true. The same applies to Orlando. But if you follow the game carefully, you know. In the Orlando area, it is not always active recruiting. Some programs tend to sell themselves. 
    • Youth football, I would agree that kickoffs will be eliminated within a year or two. High School Football might take a little longer. 
    • Though I will say at least SFL is more transparent with transfers, up here in North and Central FL many counties the transfers are never reported by the media, for example a team up here like Lee probably gets similar transfers to what STA would get in a normal year but most people wouldn't know that as the media up in Jacksonville never cover transfers so it would seem from outside that they are all homegrown talent but a lot of stuff happens behind closed doors in jacksonville only for the media to look the other way 
    • No doubt there is some stacking of teams in metro Orlando. But even with that, it is not as bad as down south. There it is totally out of hand and has been even before the era of open enrollment. That is because, coaches openly recruit the kids from the pee wee leagues. There are literally no guard rails. The population density which is greater than in Orlando makes it easy even if the kid has no reliable transportation. 
    • The popularity of 7v7 has increased the contact between the players, especially on the all-star teams that have been created. Just as players in the NBA have been trying to assemble super teams, these high schoolers are working at the same goal. A team I follow is much improved this season as the result of almost 10 transfers, with almost all performing important starting roles. The transfer rule has made this possible.
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