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    • In the regular season game, West Orange defeated Apopka 15-14 in overtime when they decided to go for two rather than do it again. In that game Apopka was without Jaquan Lohman, the heart and soul of its offense. Consequentially, Apopka was unable to mount much offense during the game and only forced overtime in the 4th quarter due to a huge defensive play that set Apopka up in the red zone late in the 4th quarter. This enabled them to tie the game at 7 apiece after West Orange had led for most of the game. Last week, Apopka demonstrated that its coaching staff used the bye week productively. The result was a complete overhaul of the offense, both with respect to personnel and scheme. The result was probably Apopka's best offensive game of the season. If Apopka has remained healthy and can repeat last week's performance, I expect a different game than the regular season matchup. West Orange has several weapons at their disposal including a third McDoom and another rangy receiver. However, I believe that if Apopka can repeat last week's form it will win convincingly. While I am not predicting a blowout, I see the Darters taking this game by two scores and moving on to the third round and either a rematch with Lake Mary or a date with Oviedo. If I am right, this should set up a rematch with either Seminole or Bartram Trail in the state semifinals. 
    • ...some comments IMG-I typically don't include IMG in these discussions Oxbridge-I only considered active programs Armwood and Central had forfeited seasons Dwyer, Madison County, BTW, St Augustine and Plant have not had winning seasons every season during the specified time frame
    • In the dinosaur days, many hs games were turf battles, ie this town vs that town, this hood vs that hood.  Even in the private schools, most of the kids who attended were from relatively close by.  One did not see a bunch of Miami-Dade athletes going to a Broward private school like one does today.  Recruiting potentially took away from the aspect of a team being a true representation of that geographical area, so it was frowned upon.   With the onset of urban sprawl, we have lost a lot of our geographical identity.  And with the ability of kids to move around much more freely today, high school populations, and subsequently hs teams, are somewhat "random."   As a society, we don't have a problem taking a completely random bunch of pro or college players, putting them in the same uniform, and identifying them as "my team."   At the end of the day, pro and college fans enjoy watching quality players and good competition. So, what is the hang-up with high school?  Why can we not do the same?  What is the problem with high schools recruiting and having all-star teams?  I ask the question because I think we all need to ask ourselves what about it really bothers us.    Are we afraid of the kids being exploited?  I would say that high-school aged kids today are more aware than in the past.  I am much more worried about drug dealers or pedophiles than I am a rival's coach recruiting my star player.      Is it the potential loss of innocence of high schoolers and our effort to protect them from the big, bad world?  If so, we don't seem to do a very good job of protecting kids from exposure on other fronts, ie handing electronic devices to very young children.  Recruiting in the Corporate world used to have a negative stigma.  Some people still feel guilty talking to a job recruiter while they are employed, as if they are cheating on their spouse.  But that stigma has clearly changed.    Likewise, I think recruiting has a negative stigma in the world of hs athletics that may change over time.  I understand some of the concerns.  These are kids we are talking about.  But a teenager today is in some ways much more grown up than a teenager 50 years ago.  The quicker our teens can figure out how the real world works, the better.                  
    • Yes Lakeland, Manatee and Columbia are all over the 600 win mark but do they also meet one of the other questions?
    • Fun fact. Fernandina Beach beat the Undefeated Georgia State Champ Adel,GA (Cook County) in 1949 in a post season game called the Turpentine Bowl. https://ghsfha.org/w/Special:SchoolHome?season=1949&school=Cook#teams
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