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    • I’m curious to know how many times Nebraska threw the ball in the fourth quarter after the game was out of reach  If the team winning by a large margin has to run the ball to not be accused of running up the score then shouldnt that apply to the losing team as well?   Because what kind of backwards shit would you be playing if you said one team is allowed to conduct their offense however they see fit but the other team has to run it the way we choose to not be accused of bad sportsmanship?  I miss seeing 110-0 scores like in the past. 
    • Sad day when you have to apologize for your back up freshman scoring a touchdown.   Scott frost should be thanking Ryan Day for doing that. It will remind him of how far he has.  The day you have to apologize to an opponent for scoring is the day that the opponent should stop playing football
    • Literally not one of these games is considered an upset. An upset would imply that an inferior team beat a superior team. There is no evidence to support this at the moment. 
    • C'mon Perspective.  Ohio St had their second string line in.  Those guys must have weighed about 185 pounds on average.  Their qb would have been defenseless out there.
    • I appreciate it when guys are big enough to apologize for making a mistake.   Here's a paragraph taken from an ESPN article: Ohio State coach Ryan Day apologized to Nebraska for the Buckeyes offense not taking a knee in the final seconds of Saturday's 52-17 win at Ohio Stadium.  Leading 45-17 in the final minute, the Buckeyes reached the Nebraska 2-yard line. Rather than take a knee, freshman quarterback Jack Miller ran into the end zone.  "I feel bad about that," Day said. "I had a younger quarterback in the game, and I didn't feel like we had the personnel to take the knee, and I probably should have done that. So I just want to publicly apologize to them, to [Nebraska coach] Scott [Frost]." So, I don't want to take anything away from Ryan Day's apology.  And this isn't about whether Ohio State should or should not have tried to tack on another score at the end of a blow-out win.   The Ohio State coach already has answered that.   But I do have one question for the coaches out there:  What kind of personnel do you need to have in the game in order for the QB to take a step back and take a knee (or accept the snap in the shotgun formation and take a knee)?   Yeah, in a perfect world, you might want to have two RB's in the game, one on each side of the QB, to provide additional protection for the QB if some D-lineman, who's all pissed off because he's getting ready to lose the game, comes charging through.  But do you really need a particular 'personnel' in order to take a knee?   
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