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    • This video with Trevor Noah really hit hard on how society is in America. You can watch the entire 18 minute video but he hits home after the 8 minute mark of the video.  
    • I don't know who "Ref" is,  but your point about many jobs with benefits disappearing makes my point about public servants I believe. Police Officers, or any public servant who works for any level of Government, and collects a taxpayer-funded salary, have a obligation to the public that they serve to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner.  
    • ColumbiaFan...I hope we have some kind of season soon so you can unleash your boundless enthusiasm on it
    • I hear you, Darter.  But many(not all) people live in poverty due to their own life choices.  One can rise from extreme poverty to reasonable wealth with a little discipline. My father lived through the Great Depression and was dirt poor, never made more than a meager salary his entire life, but became a very wealthy man before he died.  He lived a spartan existence his entire life.  No matter how much money he had, you would think he was down to his last penny.     Many Americans today have no idea what it means to live without and to be really poor.  Today I hear about "poor" hs football players weighing 300+ pounds.  What's wrong with that picture?  My father looked he was in a concentration camp as a teenager due to lack of food. Never once in my life did I ever hear him complain about unequal distribution of wealth or be pissed about what the "other guy" had and he didn't.  He returned to the States from war as a skeleton, yet never talked about what life owed him and how bad it sucked that he nearly lost his life in combat and did not have a pot to piss in while others who didn't had so much more.   So, what's the lesson here?  I am convinced he was successful because he spent every ounce of his energy focusing on what he could do in life and did not waste any of his energy being envious of what others had, regardless of circumstances.                       
    • If our malaise were shared, I would not be pissed. But it is not. The maldistribution of wealth in contemporary USA, is off the charts. There are far fewer beggars on the streets of Shanghai or Bijing than they are in the USA. Of course, most people here don't realize this. But I have been fortunate enough to travel, and I have seen a lot. 
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