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    • My question was regarding the bold statement you made that "School Choice" is embraced by the vast majority of parents, particularly in minority families with only a single Mom raising her kids.  And I intentionally highlighted the part that says " particularly in minority families with only a single Mom raising her kids".  You cite some poll B.S about single minority mothers voting him for but gave no concrete reason nor concrete proof why they voted for him, if indeed that truly happened. Were those poll numbers broken down by the various demographics? White, Latino, Black, Asian, rich, poor, middle, straight, gay, etc? Did it show that school choice was the reason single minority mothers voted for him? It could have been any reason, but you choose to draw a strong correlation between school choice/single minority voters as the reason that demographic group voted for him. Of course someone with your abilities you know exactly what they are doing by throwing that out there.      
    • Hate is a strong sentiment and definitely not my feelings towards anyone on this forum.  I am just of the mindset that difference of opinion is healthy and mocking, name calling, ridiculing and yes even hate doesn't help move your point of view forward.  When it descends to that level, it becomes a waste of time to continue to engage that person.  Regarding some of your post, I find it difficult to see some of your attempts at humor to be humorous that's all. 
    • Ray, I know that you have a deep hatred for me, but I really appreciate you contributions to this message board. 
    • Here is an explanation Pinstripes: California, New York, Illinois, and Minnesota are always looking for new residents, Big Shot. 
    • Studies estimate that public schools may lose up to 15% of population as opposed to the 40% number in your question.  In addition, they are funding the student, not the school.   Using your 2000 number when a new public school opens, that number quickly balloons beyond that as the community grows and the excess is moved from several adjoining schools to build a new one.  That seems to imply it was deemed productive at 2000, can handle 2500 so what difference does it make where that excess population goes?  Some leave to charter, Christian or private and the number goes back to the original estimate that it was designed for.  At least, that is the logic my simple mind tells me they are using.   Undoubtedly, there will be additional cost to fund this program.  But I harken back to your original question, why is the FDOE doing this?  Is it remotely possible that many public schools are failing us?
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