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    • FINAL: DILLARD 21 MONARCH 15 In a game that featured one team who was in the state semi game last year in monarch who got even better through the transfer portal in the last few months ; Vs a Dillard team with a 2nd year head coach who has a lot to prove coming into this season after a lack luster 2023 season.    OVERALL- this game had a feeling of a playoff game. Both teams played their starters well into the 4th quarter, add the big crowd for both teams, the hard hits & the bands going at it, it felt like a game with huge implications yet we are only in May.    In my early in the week predictions I had monarch winning this game 28-21 simply because in my opinion they had the better team and the better offense. More skill players & the better line play within the trenches.    THE GAME: monarch came out on their second possession moved the ball down Dillards throat to take a 7-0 lead, only to see dillard come back on their next drive and tie the game 7-7. after that it was pretty much all Dillard. The defense played way better than expected & the offense while have a few kinks to work out showed some signs of being able to be something special come august.    after jumping out 7-0 dillard scored 21 consecutive points to go up 21-7. The knights scored a TD with 2 min left to make it 21-15 but the panthers got 2 first downs to run out the clock to get the victory 21-15. OBSERVATIONS: Monarch is once again going to be very good this year. Their online and Dline is massive. Their 4* running back is one of the best in broward & their overall team is going to give a lot of teams fits.    DILLARD: the panthers are going to be a huge dark horse this year. They look to have another solid defense, they’re not massive in the trenches, but they have some dawgs and appear to be well coached.    with the off season to go , Dillard can turn some heads this season, and they proved that tonight with a good win over a quality inner city opponent. 
    • Solid win for a spring matchup between quality opponents.
    • Congrats on the win darter. 
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