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    Columbia, I'm not saying that Hawthorne was bad, Actually they were pretty sound. I'm saying that due to last season's schedule Pahokee was not as good at the end of the season as they should have been. I've seen less talented Pahokee team destroy a team like Hawthorne in the past!
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    If you look on Jax TCA hudl page theirs a few kids that came from sandalwood and one of them is a CB Committed to bama.
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    Man that's a crazy schedule!!!! Did they learn anything from last year??? Got beat up physically and mentally last year!!!Ha d nothing for the playoffs left. I've seen Pahokee teams with less talent destroy a team like Hawthorne from last year.
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    I used the year 1975 to start counting region titles. That is when we started talking with some regularity about regions and region titles. Prior to that, one heard of district titles and sectional titles(state semis). If we wanted to go back to the Stone Ages, Miami High and Coral Gables could make a strong case that they were one of the best 25 large programs in the state. My version in the original post is really meant to be a more modern-day version of such a list. As it is, it feels a bit funny listing a program like Merritt Island, whose heyday was so long ago.
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    If you made it to the semi finals then you were region champs. The region championship is the 3rd round of the playoffs.
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    Pahokee Schedule (rumored)

    Dam tough ass schedule
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    Pahokee Schedule (rumored)

    University School, Clewiston, GC
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